Monday, June 20, 2016

Update 20th June

Saturday rte 2 2pm.
It time to cheers on the boys in green and I might get some tips from the linesman for next season 

Sunday Rte 2 2pm
The Sunday game.
Now it's time for some GAA action with some lovely hurling 

Monday E4 10pm
First dates abroad
Yes the dating show with the different is in Oz' I for one will be interest how the contestants get on down under.

Tuesday. Fox 10pm
Well It's yet another comic book based TV show but this one is in a similar vain to the walking dead' the difference is it's about people who are Possessed which is better then looking at houses that are been repossessed

Wednesday 8pm Ireland
At the stage this is the last game in the group stages' hope Its a case of ole ole ole not oh no oh no oh no

Thursday sky arts 9pm
Michael Jackson the life of an icon
This is a new doc about Which looks at the man in the mirror I hope it's not bad or I would get the makers of it to beat it!

Friday channel 4 9pm
Well we all know how funny the adults are but now it's time for the kids to take centre stage! I think it will be brilliant!


Little bobby Beale got jail time for killing his sister and attempting to kill his mother so like Oscar the young las hadn't a leg to stand on! Jane is still in the hospital and has feeling now which is good but I got a feeling things it will not be a happy ending! Let face is when is there ever a happy ending in eastenders.

Coronation street
Sarah Platt has been put into a hospital but will Gail as her mam I'm surprised she lasted this long!! Norris cole always provides the light and laugher and he does it so well it's probably the funniest character in a soap at the moment and he is always in Rita's Kabin.

That's it for this week Enjoy the sport and the crack Tiger 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Update 3rd June

Welcome one and all to the wonderful world of Tadhg TV

Saturday ITV 9pm
It will be alright on the night
Brand new bloopers thank god I am not in any of them but who can forgot the famous live at 3 rabbit with the itchy back!

Sunday RTE1 9pm
The Sunday Game
Double header for a Super Bank Holiday Sunday!

Monday RTE 1 9:35
Casino Royale
This is one of the best bond movies I have seen! It's ideal for people who maybe shaken by the bank holiday Sunday Fun because they won't have to stir until the movie is over!

Tuesday.  TV3 9pm
Big Brother
Well it's summer so it's the house of ill repute opening it's door! The contestants better behave because Big Brother is watching but the main problem is no one else is. 

Wednesday Carrick Cinema
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Why not relive your childhood with the Heroes In a half shell! It looks like a laugh! Seamus the Wrestler is in it and Megan Fox is in it as well (I bet you want to see it now).

Thursday RTE1 10:15
The People vs OJ Simpson
Well anyone who missed this on the BBC are in for a treat! It's the best show I seen this year! Great cast and as you all know it's a great story too!

Friday 7:30 The Ally Bar
Euro 2016
Loads of football ahead and of course we will all be cheering on the Boys in Green


Well it's been a hard week for everyone on the square so Jane Beade has woken up but still in hospital complete with Basil Faulty head bandage and looks like her brain wasn't damaged as she decides to leave Ian!

Coronation Street
So it's all go with the Platts and Jason grimshaw is grim for sure and Roy came up a cropper when he got engaged. That's it for this week. Hope you all have a great weekend. Tiger