Saturday, March 28, 2015

Update 28th March

Saturday 7pm UTV

Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway.
We all enjoy a take away on a Saturday night, So get a Troy and watch a Saturday night Takeaway when eating a takeaway! It's d best crack on tv since Noel's House Party all that missing is Mr. Blobby!!!

Sunday 12am Sky Box Office

Wrestlemania 31
This is the wrestling event of the year the undertaker, triple H and sting to name just several!

Monday 8pm sky 1

Modern Family
now this is hands down the best comedy on tv! It's a rare thing which is a funny American sitcom! Basically every episode focused on a family which include al Bundy from married with children and his adults but his young wife Gloria! You are also guaranteed a laugh in Every episode!

Tuesday 10pm Comedy Central

Roast of Justin Bieber
In this show stand up comedians decide roast a certain person but if I had my way Bieber would be roasted over spit!


Bates Motel universal 9pm.
This is a spin off from the famous Hitchcock film! It's Norman Bates the early years so before he become a pycho


Inside number 9 BBC 2 10 pm.
This is a comedy from the creators of a league of gentlemen! Each episode is a self contained story! It's very dark bit also very funny!


Eurovision greatest hits BBC 1 9 pm.
A show to mark the 60th anniversary of Eurovision, presented by who else but Graham Norton! I wonder will my lovely horse be in it!



So Sharon finds out she is related to Ian well maybe the script writers are watching game of thrones because I though they were a couple not so long ago!

Coronation street

Well Bethany platt has a lot of issues was lucky for her(and the male viewers) she fishy have her grandmothers hair or good looks!!

Fair city

Well Farrah and the husband are going to Austria let's hope it' a one way ticket!

That's all for this week if anyone would like to recommend a TV show give me a shout

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Update 22nd March


Irish Pictorial Weekly  9.30 rte 1
its back for another season and its like an unfunny version of the Savage Eye


Moone Boy 9.00 sky 1
Well last weeks show was a pure laugh out with Terry Wogan and the whole lot
in next weeks episode there are rumours of UFO spotted around Boyle so should be another classic


The Two Ronnies Spectacle 7.40 GOLD
I am a big fan  of classic comedy and you don't get much better that these two. In  this episode they are looking at the sketches including my favorite Sketch of all time four candles... (look it up on youtube its very good)


Brickleberry  comedy central 11 pm
another animation but set in a national park in the states . its good but like me not for the easily offended


Houdini  Lifetime 9 pm
This charts the early years of the great man himself. Its only a 2 parter so it will be disappearing soon just like Houdini.


Gogglebox channel 4 at 9 pm
My highlight of the week. You will laugh and you will cry. Its like a real life version of the Royle family.


Coronation street

Corrie was always a bit of fun but silly summer story lines have started early here, especially the whole Les Dennis's son thing which  makes the Kevin Webster Exit story from last year look like Macbeth.


Manual from Fawity Towers only lasted 1 episode in the soap this week I reckon he heard Russel Brand was back on the BBC.

Fair City

So the ever classy Carol is with Robbie the Gangster thats Robbie if he was any more wooden you would put varnish on him.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Update Saturday 14th March

Tadhg TV for the week

Saturday 14/03

6 nations network 2 2.30. It's the big one - Ireland take on Wales. I went out for the Ireland England game and I was delighted to see the Moylurg packed. Well you heard of shop local I want to encourage people to drink local!

Sunday 15/03

Marvel agent of shield 18.15 network 2. It's back from it midsession break and some of you might like to know that Roemiro from home and away is in it.

Monday 16/03

Moone Boy sky 1 9 pm It was not as funny as last week but I still got a laugh out of it! The best actor In the show was the Jack Russell. Oh don't forgot the Boyle parade will marshalled by the Moone Boys  alongside the 3 Sigerson Cup footballers! Terry wogan will be in Moone Boy on Monday ... it should be a good one.

Tuesday 17.03

Ordinary Lies bbc 1 9pm New bbc drama yes another, but Tina from coronation street is in it. It's about a man who lies about his wife being dead and triggers a cycle of events but it's only wishful thinking on his behalf.

Wednesday 18/03

Champions league live. Network 2 A bita footy on a wednessday night and it should be a good game as well come on cityyyyyyyy!!!

Thursday 19/03.

Banished bbc2 9 pm. Drama about a group of people who was went to Australia! Like the old joke when asked would I ever go to oz my reply was they stoped letting people like me out there years ago!!

Friday 20/03

Alan Carr chatty man channel 4 10pm. Alan is a great presenter inclueing an opening monologue a chat and a drink. Now I try to watch tubby interview with Mary berry on the late late last only to realize that my now deceased jack russell ban would be a better interviewer that Ryan.



So looks like Les the undertaker is nailing more then coffins! Also mo Harris answer Kat's phone and organised Arry's money to be put into her bank account but what I don't understand is how did the person on the phone believe they were taking to kat when mo is at least 50 years her senior!

Fair city

So it looks like Michael is improving everyday while he is in hospital it's just an awful pity he acting it not! Coranation street So les Dennis say 1 son and 1 pretend son who of course appeared on the day of the wedding ah well les should count his blessing as he ended up not getting married! That's it for this week

Happy viewing from Tadhg

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Update 7th March

Hello from Tadhg TV's Round up

Saturday 07/03/2015

The following 9pm Sky Atlantic
This is  the start of season 3 of "The following" for people not following the following I will say the following - if you want to make a good tv show just add Bacon.

Sunday 08/03/2015

Poldack 9pm  BBC1
This week's squeal  prequel rehash
A  dodgy TV from the 70's will now be an even dodgier show in 2015

Monday 09/03/2015

Moone Boy
Well what can I say - there were great laugh out loud moments in last week's episode!
One of the main story lines was Liam  Moone looking at another woman which of course would never happen in reality... :-)
In this weeks episode the 2 boys decide to run away from home which of course will be priceless if last week's episode is anything to go by.

Tuesday 10/03/2015

House of Cards - Netflix
The american drama about a corrupt president is back and not a water meter in sight

Wednesday  11/03/15

Chelsea vs Paris St (agg 1-1)
Well I hope the Special one has a special team for the big game tonight

Thursday 12/03 

How to get away with murder 10.0 pm Network 2
Just for the reason its on directly after "don't tell the bride"

Friday 13/03

Comic Relief Night BBC 1 from 7 pm
My favorite night of the year!! The  cream of UK comedy come out to play and even some American ones as well.
I don't know about you, but the bits filmed in Africa are not that funny to me to be honest


Fair City 

Ok so Fair City are jumping on the MMA bandwagon, but in Fair City's case it should stand for mumbily  mumbleily acting - plus Tommy Dillon released himself from prison. The daugher rang all friends and family but she forget to ring his mobile.


Kat Slater was talking dung Literally at the Watford Mother of the Year event.
Well she was drunk but if I lived in Eastenders I would be having a Drink as well

Coronation street

Its a case of will the Michael real son please stand up. I mean  why anyone would claim to be the son of a ex homeless man and soon to be husband of Gail ET head Platt is beyond me. I mean it must be husband number 100 for Gail at this stage....

Thats it for this week - happy viewing as always

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Update 28th February

Tadhg TV highlights

Saturday 28/02 

Carl Frampton VS  Chris Avalos 10.50 PM  utv ireland
Its great to see live boxing back on TV  but I men its nothing ya don't see in Boyle for free on a Saturday night anyways.

Sunday 01/03

Pompidou  BBC 2 6.30
New sitcom starring Matt Lucas who was 1 half of little Britain.  It is a silent comedy harking back to the days of Charlie Chaplin and my hero in comedy and in life, Benny Hill.

Monday  02/03

Moone Boy 9.00 Sky 1
Now before I start I jut want to say its nice to be nice, so the moone boys are back in town with series 3 of the award winning sitcom filmed in the town ya know so well - Boyle. Firstly, its great for the town  and  great to see all the local faces in the show as well. Fair play to Chris O'Dowd for coming back to Boyle to film it .. I want to make 2  points
1. I reckon the show should be on at an earlier time slot because its really a kids show and should be shown around the same time as the Simpsons
2. hey should make multiple seasons of it in one go before Martin Moone and the legendary Pauric grow up or they will have to change the name of the show to Moone Man.

Tuesday 03/03

Come Dine With Me 4pm channel 4
Ok funniest show on TV for the simple reason Dave Lamb the narrator is just class and the comments are brilliant

Wednesday 04/03

Better Call Saul - Netflix
This is prequel to Breaking Bad. We are now in a tv world of prequels sequels reboasts and remakes
well this is the must anticipated tv of the work. Every Wednesday a new episode will be released and if the rating are dropping they better call Byran Cranston.

Thursday 05/03

The Chase 5pm UTV
Best quiz on TV Bradley Walsh is a great host and knocks great craic out of the contestants

Friday 06/03 

Off Your Rockets tv3
This is the hidden camera with a unique difference which is the youngest prankster is in their 70s
It's  pure silly fun and just what you want on a Friday. Betty White of Golden Girls hosted the American version.



Peter is going to new Zeland and its a pilty he cant bring the rest of the Beales with him.
Apparently Katy Beale who died over 10 years ago is returning to the show in the next few weeks!!!
Many soaps actors leave to go on to biggerand better things but the only place many end up going in to the dole office.

Coronation Street 

Apparently Les Dennis is in Coronation Street for the long time for a must needed laugh.
Eva decided to leave and 10 minutes later she is gone but don't worry lads Tina O'Brien is back soon.

Fair City 

I think we could be seeing the return of Tommy Dillon I'm afraid.  Am i the only one who notices the actors actually look directly at the camera when speaking instead the person they are talking too.

Well that's it for this week ... happy viewing :-)