Friday, September 25, 2015

Update 26th September

Saturday. RTE 1 9:45
The Ray Darcy show.
In honour of the new show lets do an odd one out quiz Terry Wogan' graham norton ' Ray Darcy ' of course ray is the odd one out the other 2 are successful chat show hosts and he was upstaged by a turkey!

Sunday UTV 9pm.
Downton Abbey.
In it's final series it's a must watch because in Downton everyone's waiting for you!

Monday CBBC. 6pm.
Yes another retro kids tv show returning with Alexander Armstrong in the title role' I hope this is not another pointless remake!

Tuesday Comedy Central 8:35.
Tadhg TV readers this is the worst comedy ever made because correct me if I'm wrong but is comedy not suppose to make ya laugh! It first came on our screens 15 years ago this week and it hasn't been off them since morse the pity!

Wednesday rte 1. 9:35.
Identity Thief.
Now this is one of funniest comedies I seen in recent years because Melissa McCarthy is flawless in it!

Thursday. Bbc2 9:00 pm.

As you all know I love proper good bbc comedy well Thursday nights are becoming the big night for comedy 3 brilliant comedy shows from 9:00 on bbc2!

Friday BBC 1 9:00.
Have I got new for you!
This grown up version of mock the week is back for another series there was plenty of taking points this week which I'm sure they will running with I haven't a rashers what's going on in British politics at the moment!


Coronation Street
It was live this week but Callum wasn't by the end of the show! David hidc the body under Gail's bed but I'm sure she will notice that the smell is not les Dennis's aftershave!

It's good to see Robbie Jackson return although it's too short! I mean the last time I laughed at eastenders was when danny dyer tried to be a serious actor!

Fair City.
Bob was told he was the doctors father in the middle of McCoy's which of course was packed also Paul Brennan made full recovery from a heart attack within 24 hours! That's is for this week Tiger 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Update 19th September

Saturday BBC 1 7:40 Doctor Who
One of the best shows on TV is back the popularity of this show over the years certainly confirms that Who is the man!

Sunday Network 2 2:15 The Sunday game
It's the biggest day of the year in GAA and it's an Classico with Kerry vs Dublin!

Monday Sky living 8 am. The Emmys
The American TV awards hopefully Tadhg TV favourites Game of Thrones and Modern Family get a gong because they certainly deserve it!

Tuesday 3e 10 pm The ultimate fighter.
The modest Conor McGregor is a mentor in this show where people compete to become ah the ultimate fighter.

Wednesday 9:55 network 2 Second captains live
This Irish sports panel is very good and if I had my way the presenters would be first captains

Thursday RTE 1 22;15 Crumlin
RTE documentary bases in Ireland's leading children's hospital where the doctors are in my humble opinion miracle workers to the highest degree.

Friday BBC 1 10:35 pm. The Graham Norton show
Great to see Graham back with crack and great guests galore.


Max Branning in court this week but Kathy is back too and her return storyline is the real crime and the most unrealistic part is 2 lady's vying for Phil's affections!!

Coronation street.
Corrie goes live on Wednesday and I hope to celebrate they give Gail Platt a decent hair cut! It's going to be live but the big question is who will not be by the end of the episode!

Fair City It was real car crash TV this week in fair city I assume it was sponsored by HP this week because the amount of tomato sauce used for blood was unreal!

That's is for this week T 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Update 12th September

Sat 12/09.
Pointless. BBC1 7:30A celebrity version of the quiz show with all your favourite children TV presenters well with a few notable exceptions which I am not going to get into!

Sun 13/09
This is England 90 9pm channel 4.
This is a follow up to this is England 80 I'd say the music will be class as well as the acting on this show!

Mon 14/09.
Vikings Network 2 9pmGreat TV show filmed in Ireland! These boys certainly have long horns!

Tuesday 15/09.
The Taste of Success Rte1 8:30This is a show which In each episode, four food producers try to impress the judges in the hope of winning the grand prize of getting there product sold in a supermarket chain. Well the only this is that the presents leave me a bad taste in my mouth!

Wednesday 16/09
Champions league live Network 2 7:30 

It's great to see football back on the box during the week! Even if it is a Arsenal game been shown!

Thursday 17/09
Girl meets boy BBC2 9:30.
Very smart comedy set in Newcastle about a lad who goes on a date with a lady but she had a big secret/modest Secret/ little secret.

Friday 18/09
South Park comedy central 10 pm.
Brand new episode of the funniest cartoon out there Eric Cartman is my role model


It's bad when the comedy element is an 80 year old woman living in a shed! Another point is Dot Cottons stint in prison done her the world of good as she looks better then she did going it!

Coronation Street
Tracey was arrested in the pub and guest what the Rovers Return was packed I mean there aren't many round Boyle on a Saturday might never mind on a Wednesday night!
Fair City
Paul Brennan is giving out because his daughter is going out with an unsavoury young man he must never of heard that a girls picks a boyfriend who is like her dad!

That's it for the week,


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Update 6th September

Saturday. 05/09 The Saturday game 5pm network 2.
I was delighted when my workmates predicted a Mayo win and then I copped they are from Mayo!

Sunday 06/09. The Sunday game 2:15 network 2.
I am hoping for a Galway win and will be watching some lovely hurling!

Monday. 07/09. Euro 2016 qualifier. 7pm.
This is a must win for the Ireland team Against Georgia! At least apr├Ęs match is getting it's own show ' funnily enough it's on directly after match!

Tuesday 08/09. Ballers sky Atlantic 10pm.
Finally the rock has come back to tv now I sure hope he hasn't hit rock bottom by starring in a bad tv show!

Wednesday.09/09 The great British bake off BBC1 9pm.
This show could really be renamed carry on baking because all that's missing is Sid James going yak yak yak In the background. I mean no wonder I like the show it has cakes and more double entendre then the benny hill show! Oh guess what you will be seeing a few tarts on this weeks show!

Thursday 10/09 Cradle to the grave. Bbc2. 9pm.
This sitcom looks class it's based on Danny Baker's autobiography which sees danny growing up and stars the always brilliant Peter Kay as Danny's dad FYI if you want to hear the best radio show of the week tune into Danny on BBC 5 live from 9 to 11 every Saturday morning it's even better then Joe Finnegan!

Gogglebox. 9pm channel 4.
Yes the funniest show on tv is back it's like a real life Royle family so if you want a laugh and entertainment watch this show if you don't want a laugh and entertainment watch the other long string on misery on the late late show!


I'm surprises the themes didn't burst it's bank with all the tears this week! Fair enough eastenders have the best actors but it also has the most depressing storylines!

Coronation street. Fiz and Tyrone are very good actors one moment they are doing corrie on camping and the next thing they are involved in a very difficult storyline with baby hope! Also Kevin had to get Sally out of a dress earlier in the week and it was harder done then you

That's it for this week Tiger