Saturday, October 31, 2015

Update 31st October

Rugby World Cup final. 3pm tv3
Well it's going to be a classic. It's a pity it's over but at less we won't have to look at Matt Cooper on our screens for a while!

Ireland fittest family. RTE1 6:35.
This is the big Sunday show for RTE. 4 families compete per episode to be crowned Ireland's fittest family! I was going to send in my application in but felt Out of breath walking from the hall to the car so I decided against it!

The Muppets 8:30 sky 1.
Yes the muppets are back but the jokes are a little edgier than I remember ... for example Kermit says "what can I say I'm attracted to pigs!" It's very funny but it's not a kids show!

Catastrophe channel 4 10pm.
This sitcom staring Sharon Horgan is back for a second run and she is after having twins now like myself this is not for the easily offended!

Champions league network 2 7pm.
Big match with Arsenal taking on Munich! It's great to see the football back!

The class of 92 BBC1 9pm
Now this is not based on the lads from st Mary's secondary who did their Leaving in 92 It's about the man united class of 92 who took over Salford FC and attempted to get them promoted. I was surprised to see Ryan Giggs there as I though he retired to spend more time with his brothers family!

Mr. Khan BBC1 8:30.
Very funny BBC 1 comedy set on Birmingham! Simelar to Mrs Brownes boys

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Update 16th October

Welcome to tadhg tv

Saturday film 4
Home Alone 5:10
The best Christmas film/ kids film ever made the last 30 minutes is pure laugh out loud stuff!

Sunday 12:45 tv3
Ireland vs Argentina.
It's Ireland's call and Ireland's pub crawl if they win!

Monday sky 1 8:30
Modern Family
Yes one of the funniest comedies of recent years is back and the one liners ' cast and storylines are fantastic.

Tuesday sky 1 9pm
The 'moaning' of life.
Karl is back and his twice as silly but also twice as entertaining!

Wednesday utv Ireland 11pm
The Graham Norton Show
Graham is back and his guest is a fella ya might have heard of by the name of me Chris O'Dowd himself which will be a real meeting of minds

Thursday E4 8:30.
The Big Bang theory
This class sitcom is back with new episodes! The only sitcom where the girlfriends are as funny as the main characters!

Friday more 4 9pm
The Returned.
This show about people returning from the dead is back it's in French but it's well worth reading the subtitles' the only other show with subtitles I watch is my big fat gypsy wedding!


There was a big reveal in eastenders this week the viewers were waiting months to find out! Of course I'm talking about is Les a boxers or a briefs man! Also when Ben wasn't answering Kathy I though his hearing aid was on the blink again!

Coronation Street.
The whole Platts and Calum Storyline is a bit to much like weekend at Bernie's for my liking! What are they going to do next dig up and body and order him a hot pot in the rovers well the way things are going I woundn't be surprised!

That's it for this week enjoy the rugby. Tiger 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Update 9th October

Saturday 10th October
Total Divas. E 6pm
This is not only one of my highlights it is also Blondie the dog's highlight it follows the adventures of the WWE female wrestlers and you can follows Blondie on Blondies Adventures on Facebook.

Ireland vs France - Alley Bar 16:45.
It's a super sports Sunday this week with Ireland playing in both rugby and soccer so all you have to do now is book the Monday off work because Sunday will be epic.

The walking Dead Fx 9pm.
My favourite zombie based show is back with walkers galore. Now I think that Myself and maybe a few more from Boyle could get a walk on part as walkers after Liam McQuaids stag this weekend.

The Flash 8pm
This super super hero show is back for a second season and look out for former WWE wrestler edge as the Atom this show is not a flash in the pan!

Arrow Sky 1 8pm
Well this is another comic based TV show back for a 4th season arrow is certainly on target!

The Apprentice 9pm BBC1.
Dom de dom de dom de dom de dom de dom de da da it's back and Alan Sugar is on top form as a motley crew of contestants battle it out for a job! Tfi

8pm Channel 4
Back in the late 90s this was the show to watch after a long week in St Mary's now times have moved on but one thing that remains the same is that Chris Evens is still a Ginger!!!

That's is for this week. Enjoy the week. T

Friday, October 2, 2015

Update 2nd September

Saturday 3rd September
Strictly come dancing BBC 1 18:20
Daniel O'Donnell is dancing tonight well he will try anyways they say he is at an disadvantage because you cannot vote from Ireland and also his fans might not be allow to ring the lines from their nursing home!!

Ireland vs Italy TV3 16:45
Ireland's World Cup starts here hopefully the players answer Ireland's call.

The Leftovers. Sky Atlantic 10 pm
This show is back for a second season for a show called the leftovers the a good show!

Empire. E4 9pm.
Great to see this show back - it's about an rapper who is about to retire but which of his kids is going to take over his empire!!!

The great British Bake Off. BBC1 8pm.
This year's 'carry on baking' is nearly at an end and not a soggy bottom in sight!

Euro 2016 qualifier RTE2, 7pm
Ireland take on the mighty Germany and they will be Keane to get a good result!

Gogglebox Channel 4, 9 pm
This is proper Friday family viewing and what everyone should be watching to kick start their Friday night in a perfect world! 


If Max moved on strictly like he did when escaping court he would have won is last year and the real killer of  Lucy Beale is becoming the worst kept secret ever!

Coronation Street
Sally is worried that husband to be, Tim, is getting cold feet well wouldn't you be if you were set to marry her!

Fair City
Now I know I give Fair City a hard time but one Boyle resident is enjoying it and this resident is Blondie the dog and I reckon judging on recent story lines she is also writing the scripts! Now you can follow Blondie's adventures on Facebook!

That's is for this week folks