Sunday, June 30, 2019

Update 30th June

Welcome to another edition of tadhg tv
There are still quite a few good tv shows out there so here are the tadhg tv treats of the week

BBC 1  9pm
Gentleman Jack
I will let you all into a secret ... BBC 1 9pm on a Sunday is where you will find the best drama and acting around
This is the latest show in the coveted 9pm slot starring none other then Karen McDonald from Coronation street. It's a great show and great cast. 

Virgin Media 2 9pm
Love Island
Well here we go. Its another summer of sun and shenanigans on the island
Of course ya have the local lady from longford. Maura who is pure class well maybe by Longford standards. 
Of course I only watch it for the commentary which I understand is a bit like saying I only watch home and away for the acting.

BBC 7.30
Womans World Cup semi finals
The talent on display throughout the tournament was very good and the football skills were not bad either.

The Bodyguard
Now anyone who hasn't seen this last year
You have to watch it as it's the best drama I seen in years and ye all know how much tv I watch at this stage.

Channel 4 9pm
Catch 22
Another great tv show to watch which of course is based on the book.
It's directed and starring George Clooney among others. It's about an american pilot during world war 2 which is why its only 6 episodes long as american didn't join the war till later on !!

Channel 4 9pm
Celebrity Gogglebox
Well nothing says Friday night like Gogglebox everyone laughing and joining in the craic
It's just a proper Friday night family tv show.

Well that's it for this week 
The weather is improving so don't forget the sun cream like I did when I went to Tayto Park with Boyle cubs and got burned to a crisp !!