Friday, March 31, 2017

Update 1st April

Welcome one and all to another fun filled edition of Tadhg tv

BBC 1 9:25
All round to Mrs Browns 
The Mother of all chat shows has landed it's actually fantastic and all the usual crack with Agnes and the boys and then you throw in a celebrity guest and you are on to an absolute​ winner!

ITV  7pm
The Voice UK final
It's the big final of the Voice of course the winner will have a highly successful  singing career ahead of them 'like all the previous winners!'

Mdnight to 4 am
It's the biggest night of the year for wrestling fans this 4 hour extravaganza is broadcast live from the states starting at midnight Irish time. I will be watching it unfold live this year if I can stay awake that is!

Channel 4  10:30
This Is Us 
Right - this restored  my faith in US  drama it's about a couple who have triplets in the 80s and each episode switches from the past to the present and each episode is an emotional rollercoaster! 

Sky hits 8pm
Star Wars The Force Awakens
Now anyone who hasn't seen this already should be ashamed of themselves it's so worth a watch and it was filmed in Ireland​! Force yourself to watch it again.

E4  8:30
The Big Bang Theory
My favorite comedy is still as funny as it was when it started and the girlfriends who are definitely as funny and probably have better lines then their male counterparts! Even if you don't know your superman from your Harley Quinn you will still really enjoy this good old fashioned sitcom!

Channel 4 9pm
The highlight of my tv week all the characters and everyone's unique take on this weeks big TV shows!


Coronation street
Ken Barlow was attacked I've a feeling that I know who did it!
Rosie was going to do a model shoot and Kevin was upset I mean it could be worse - Sally could be doing one!

It was real car crash tv this week
Sharon got back to London less then 24 hours after receiving a phone call well I suppose it's handy when she has her own broomstick

Fair Shity
Niamh is having another affair but in her defence she is married to Paul Brennan

That's it for this week 

"Remember it's important to shop local and more importantly drink local"

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Update 11th March

Welcome to Tadhg tv 
Here are this weeks TV highlights and lowlights

Saturday utv 7 pm
Ant and decs Saturday night takeaway
This is the best show on TV proper good TV on a Saturday night and not a judge in sight! It's basically Noel's house party without Mr blobby

Sunday rte 1 6:30 pm
Dancing with the stars
Well this is my first time to write about walzing with the wantibees so this week could be Des Cahill's last cha cha chance

BBC 1 7:30
Chelsea  vs man united
My beloved man united got an easy draw in the quarter finals of the FA cup

Sky 1 9pm
The flash
This super show about superheros is the best of the comic based TV shows now considering how many are on at the moment that's really saying something

Rte 1  9:35
The effects in this movie set in space are fantastic but the acting leaves a lot to be desired

Utv 8:30
Harry hills alien filled capsule
The great harry hill is back on the TV with the fun show where he is joined by 4 celebrities to decide the funniest clips on TV in his own unique style

Channel 4 9pm
The programme where we watch people watching TV is still as funny as ever
Lots of decent TV on at the moment to discuss!

That's it for this week
Bar I would like to wish Boyle Celtic the very best of luck on Sunday