Monday, December 21, 2015

Update 21st December

Monday BBC 1 3:50 pm. shrek 2 brilliant one liners brilliant cast brilliant movie tv bbc1 9pm. john bishop. No Bashing of the bishop joke as I think he is a very funny comic

Tuesday film 4 9pm Ted. this is a Class movie about a teddy bear who come to life but when his owner grows up so those ted and this film like myself is not for the easily offended bbc2 9pm were doomed the dad's army story! New docudrama about how one of the greatest bbc comedies ever made came to life!

Wednesday Rte1 3:35. home alone 2 now this is a Christmas classic about a little boy lost in New York and as if that's not bad enough he runs into 2 faces from the past! channel 4 10:30 father ted Christmas special ah Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without this all time classic!

Christmas Eve Network 2 7:15 man of steel if your waiting for Santa to arrive that is no better way to while away the hours it's very well done and the effects are great! bbc1 10:05 Walliams and friends modern comedy legend David Walliams returns to comedy in this sketch show it's going to be good I'd say

Christmas Day 5:05 rte1 brave no better way to rest after the dinner then watching this cartoon about a Scottish girl featuring the vocal talents of Mr Billy Connolly bbc1 9:45 mrs browns boys Christmas Special! Open the tin of roses and watch the mother of all comedy's

St. Stephen's Day Rte1 5pm the hobbits an unexpected journey! Prequel to The Lord of the rings if you kids want to watch it and your not to fussed at least you will enjoy the scenery in New Zealand Bbc1 6:10 Shuan the sheep Shuan had a big year firstly staring in a movie and now he is in a new animation where the farmers invests in ..... Wait for it lamas!

Sunday tv3 8pm. the amazing spider man. the biggest swinger in town is back with a bang in this all action film bbc1 10;25. Catherine Tate's nan the always irrelevant sweary nan is back on our screens with the first of 2 Christmas shows!

Monday Network 2 8:15 marvels the avengers this is awesome all your favourite comic heroes in one big movie channel 4 9pm gogglebox 2015 so it's been a good year for tv check out what the goggleboxers make of it all In this review of all the best comments from some of the funniest people on tv

Tuesday network 2 9;20. the dark knight rises brilliant batman movie including a great turn by Tom Hardy as Bane! channel 4 10pm big fat quiz of the year 2015! Channel 4s annual end of year quiz which is always good for a laugh

Wednesday network 2 9pm ironman . this is one of the funnier comic book movie suitable for all ages! channel 4 7pm. Gogglesprogs well we all laughs at the adults on gogglebox but now it's time for the kids to have their day!

New Year's Eve BBC 1 9:15. mrs browns boys d movie love her or hate her mrs brown is certainly here to stay and this is her big screen outing from last year! network 2 11 pm the rubber bandits guide to 2016 Limericks finest will be giving their predictions for the year ahead.

New Year's Day Billionaire boy 7pm bbc1. National treasure David Walliams is also a kids writer and this is a show based on one of them! bbc 1 9pm Sherlock back which is great even if it is only for one night! That's is for this week and this year.

I would like to finish by saying TV may be good on Christmas Day but turn it off for a while and talk and have a laugh with the people around you because that's what Christmas is all about! 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Update 12th December

Welcome to tadhg tv

Saturday Utv 8pm. X factor final.

It's finally here the final who will join the ranks of the girl who won last year and your man who won the previous year.

Sunday Film 4 9pm. Taken 2 Liam Neeson is back and it's good crack like but I hope they stop after taken 3 because they have taken the movies as far as they can go!

Monday 3e 9pm. Ufc.

McGregor will be on top form and if you don't fancy getting up at 5 am on Sunday morning you can watch it on 3e and another bonus is it is free as well!

Tuesday bbc1 9pm. Luther

It's great to see this great tv show back Luther is brought out of retirement for one last case but if the rating are good he will be back for another one!

Wednesday channel 4 9pm. super-vet

it is a super show about a super vet and he is irish as well

Thursday carrick cinema( hopefully). Star Wars.

I am not going to this solo a few of us are going to skywalk into the cinema together! Yoda be mad not to be looking forward to this movie of the year!

Friday bbc1 8:30. mr khan Xmas special

This is the Christmas show of the brilliant bbc comedy the only thing I didn't think mr khan celebrated Christmas


Telling Phil there is beer is in the fridge is like telling me there is a chocolate cake in the fridge!dots organising a nativity play she is going to find it hard to find 3 wise men!

Coronation street

The storyline of Ken Barlow been love sick is actually Making me sick ! 

That's it from me for this week ... Tiger 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Upate 5th December

Saturday rte 1 21.59.
People of the year award.
This annual show which showcases Irish people who went that extra mile you will notice there are no politicians recognised.

Sunday TCM 9pm.
The hangover Well in this classic comedy 4 friends decide to go on the epic stag to Vegas with epic consequences involving a Tiger and Mike Tyson

Monday network 2
Tested on humans Well this is new Irish tv show featuring 2fm breakfast presenter Keith Walsh I hope it's a success otherwise he might have to be tested on to earn a few euro!

Tuesday 8pm UTV Ireland.
Royal Variety Performance.
This show features performances from the best of British entertainment and of course the winner of Britain's Got Talent if you can remember who won it this year!

Christmas movies channel 7pm
Jingle all the way.
Here's Arnie at his comedy best as an under pressure parent trying to get his son the biggest toy of the year!

Thursday BBC 1 9pm.
BBC Music awards.
This annual look at the biggest songs of the year is presented by Chris Evans and Ferne Cotton. Chris evens is good fun anyways

Friday RTE. 2 8pm.
Brooklyn 911.
This appealing US sitcom is back for a 3rd season! It's very funny and it's not in your face!!!! 

Eastenders. Here's a good one - how do ya know Phil Mitchell is drunk? answer he smiles and starts been nice to everyone! Sharon was told she can pack her bags but the bottle of booze he had in his hand is staying which means he must not have much time for Sharon as there was only a mouthful left in the bottle!

That's in for this week be safe during the storm my advice stay in and make a hot whiskey for yourself!


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Update 29th November

Greeting and welcome to tadhg tv

Saturday Itv 8pm.
The X factor
Well it's the live show but now the BBC have lost its voice the show will be alive for much longer!

Sunday Itv 9pm.
I'm a celebrity get me out of here
I will tell ya this much the 'C' in lady C definitely is not for classy! I reckon some of the contestants could do with another few weeks out there!

Monday. Rte 2 9pm.
Operation Transportation
Comic Fred Cooke from the Spar ads is learning to drive he can't be as bad as me anyways!

Tuesday channel 4 9pm.
The Murder Detectives
A drama based on real events it's over 3 nights and certainly it worth a look!

Wednesday. Netflicks
Jessica Jones
The latest Marvel TV show looks promising with David Tannett playing the villain! it's better then Bridget Jones anyways!

Thursday Sky living 9pm.
I was trying to think why is the American spin on Sherlock so popular but then I thought it's simple in fact it's elementary!

Friday BBC 1 9:30.
Car Share
Here is a welcome repeat of the great comedy staring Peter Kay who can do no wrong at the moment!


Eastenders: Well looks like I am doing better with doing a better November then Phil Mitchell! There is a storyline involving Ronnie and roxy Mitchell but to be honest I can't tell them apart!

Coronation Street: I was watching The Omen but turns out I was watching Simon the Pycho Barlow. - Also Mary boyfriend Brendan has a confession I thick it must be that he is blind.

That's it for the week

ps/ I gave the Late Late a by this week because it was the show of all shows the toy show presented by the long string of misery himself that is (ur) Ryan Tubbers

pps/ .... ??

Friday, November 13, 2015

Update 13th November

Good morning all and judging by the weather you will be watching loads of tv so here are my TV treats for this week!

Saturday Disney x. 8am
Guardians of the Galaxy
Yes one of the funniest movie of the last year has been made into a cartoon! I don't know about you guys but I'm hooked on a feeling that this will be a great tv show!

Sunday RTE 1 9:30.
The Mario Rosentstock Show
The man behind Gift Grub is back with his own TV show and it's filmed With a live audience! Mario is very good but Gift Grub hasn't been the same since Bertie Ahern retired from office!

Monday. Network 2 7:30
Ireland vs Bosnia
This is the home leg - I mean Ireland should win this as the last time Bosnia beat Ireland was in the Eurovision!

Tuesday. Utv 9pm
I'm a Celebrity get me out of Here.
Well they are back in the jungle for another year. Ant and Dec will be superb as always but looking at the list of contestants it should be called I'm a non-entity get me in here! It's daft People going from one reality show to the next I would be buying them a one way ticket!

Wednesday. Channel 4 10pm.
Peep show.
The sitcom is back and so are all the characters including Super Hans! It's very good funny and great to see it back!

Thursday. Film 4 9pm.
The Hunger Games
Great film about a girl who is selected to represent her area in the hunger game which is a televised fight to the death if they had that in Ireland people from Ballaghaderreen wouldn't know who to fight for ... Mayo or Roscommon!

Friday. Bbc 1 8:30.
Adele at the BBC.
The English songstress is back singing all her hits and some new songs too and the show is hosted by the cheeky chappie himself Graham Norton!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Update 8th November

Well this week I am going to recommend some of my favourite shows so here we go.

tv3 8pm X factor.
Well it's the live shows and enjoy them while ya can because if the rating are anything to go by the show could be dead in the water sooner then ya think!

Sunday. Sky 1 6:30.
The Simpsons
Yes it's the new series of the Simpsons I know it's not as funny as it used to be but it is still worth a luck especially the first episode of a new run!

Monday Sky 1 9pm.
Well here's another dodgy sky 1 comedy set in a supermarket! I would have to be trolled myself before I watch it but all sky home grown comedy are a bit hit and miss with the exception of moone boy of course

Carrick Cineplex 8pm
Spectre Another person done a review of this but here's tadhg tv's. Take' so firstly you will get value for money with a large popcorn watching 2 hours 40 minutes of bond! Some people might say the storyline is daft but all the best bonds storylines are! Remember at the end of the day Bond is Bond!

Wednesday 9pm fx
One of the best shows of last year is back for a second season it's based in a country which a dictator ruled the country with an iron fist including sentencing his own brother to death but the only thing is he did not introduce water charges yet!

Thursday 9pm sky 1.
Bring the noise.
Sky 1 said this is an original show which is a mix of a music and a panel show but if you ask me it's like a non funny version. Of never mind the buzzcocks!

Friday Channel 4 9pm.
This brilliant tv show for a perfect Friday night treat it's a simple concept it films different people watching tv at the same time and the comments and reactions are actually priceless for example they were watching strictly when Daniel O'Donnell was on it and he was dancing to a song from the movie grease a retired couple were watching it the wife said I think his from grease and the husband said no I think his Irish.


Fair City.
Here's one how do ya know heathers lying? Answer she opens her mouth! Also there are so many gangster in it at the moment I though I was watching an Irish version of the godfather at one stage!

It was a scary Holoween night on the square and I don't been les cocker in a dress! I felt sorry for Gavin I mean it's not everyone who would admit to be Sharon father! The storyline was a bit silly but none the less enjoyable! That's it's for this week TV fans enjoy the weekend! 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Update 31st October

Rugby World Cup final. 3pm tv3
Well it's going to be a classic. It's a pity it's over but at less we won't have to look at Matt Cooper on our screens for a while!

Ireland fittest family. RTE1 6:35.
This is the big Sunday show for RTE. 4 families compete per episode to be crowned Ireland's fittest family! I was going to send in my application in but felt Out of breath walking from the hall to the car so I decided against it!

The Muppets 8:30 sky 1.
Yes the muppets are back but the jokes are a little edgier than I remember ... for example Kermit says "what can I say I'm attracted to pigs!" It's very funny but it's not a kids show!

Catastrophe channel 4 10pm.
This sitcom staring Sharon Horgan is back for a second run and she is after having twins now like myself this is not for the easily offended!

Champions league network 2 7pm.
Big match with Arsenal taking on Munich! It's great to see the football back!

The class of 92 BBC1 9pm
Now this is not based on the lads from st Mary's secondary who did their Leaving in 92 It's about the man united class of 92 who took over Salford FC and attempted to get them promoted. I was surprised to see Ryan Giggs there as I though he retired to spend more time with his brothers family!

Mr. Khan BBC1 8:30.
Very funny BBC 1 comedy set on Birmingham! Simelar to Mrs Brownes boys

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Update 16th October

Welcome to tadhg tv

Saturday film 4
Home Alone 5:10
The best Christmas film/ kids film ever made the last 30 minutes is pure laugh out loud stuff!

Sunday 12:45 tv3
Ireland vs Argentina.
It's Ireland's call and Ireland's pub crawl if they win!

Monday sky 1 8:30
Modern Family
Yes one of the funniest comedies of recent years is back and the one liners ' cast and storylines are fantastic.

Tuesday sky 1 9pm
The 'moaning' of life.
Karl is back and his twice as silly but also twice as entertaining!

Wednesday utv Ireland 11pm
The Graham Norton Show
Graham is back and his guest is a fella ya might have heard of by the name of me Chris O'Dowd himself which will be a real meeting of minds

Thursday E4 8:30.
The Big Bang theory
This class sitcom is back with new episodes! The only sitcom where the girlfriends are as funny as the main characters!

Friday more 4 9pm
The Returned.
This show about people returning from the dead is back it's in French but it's well worth reading the subtitles' the only other show with subtitles I watch is my big fat gypsy wedding!


There was a big reveal in eastenders this week the viewers were waiting months to find out! Of course I'm talking about is Les a boxers or a briefs man! Also when Ben wasn't answering Kathy I though his hearing aid was on the blink again!

Coronation Street.
The whole Platts and Calum Storyline is a bit to much like weekend at Bernie's for my liking! What are they going to do next dig up and body and order him a hot pot in the rovers well the way things are going I woundn't be surprised!

That's it for this week enjoy the rugby. Tiger 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Update 9th October

Saturday 10th October
Total Divas. E 6pm
This is not only one of my highlights it is also Blondie the dog's highlight it follows the adventures of the WWE female wrestlers and you can follows Blondie on Blondies Adventures on Facebook.

Ireland vs France - Alley Bar 16:45.
It's a super sports Sunday this week with Ireland playing in both rugby and soccer so all you have to do now is book the Monday off work because Sunday will be epic.

The walking Dead Fx 9pm.
My favourite zombie based show is back with walkers galore. Now I think that Myself and maybe a few more from Boyle could get a walk on part as walkers after Liam McQuaids stag this weekend.

The Flash 8pm
This super super hero show is back for a second season and look out for former WWE wrestler edge as the Atom this show is not a flash in the pan!

Arrow Sky 1 8pm
Well this is another comic based TV show back for a 4th season arrow is certainly on target!

The Apprentice 9pm BBC1.
Dom de dom de dom de dom de dom de dom de da da it's back and Alan Sugar is on top form as a motley crew of contestants battle it out for a job! Tfi

8pm Channel 4
Back in the late 90s this was the show to watch after a long week in St Mary's now times have moved on but one thing that remains the same is that Chris Evens is still a Ginger!!!

That's is for this week. Enjoy the week. T

Friday, October 2, 2015

Update 2nd September

Saturday 3rd September
Strictly come dancing BBC 1 18:20
Daniel O'Donnell is dancing tonight well he will try anyways they say he is at an disadvantage because you cannot vote from Ireland and also his fans might not be allow to ring the lines from their nursing home!!

Ireland vs Italy TV3 16:45
Ireland's World Cup starts here hopefully the players answer Ireland's call.

The Leftovers. Sky Atlantic 10 pm
This show is back for a second season for a show called the leftovers the a good show!

Empire. E4 9pm.
Great to see this show back - it's about an rapper who is about to retire but which of his kids is going to take over his empire!!!

The great British Bake Off. BBC1 8pm.
This year's 'carry on baking' is nearly at an end and not a soggy bottom in sight!

Euro 2016 qualifier RTE2, 7pm
Ireland take on the mighty Germany and they will be Keane to get a good result!

Gogglebox Channel 4, 9 pm
This is proper Friday family viewing and what everyone should be watching to kick start their Friday night in a perfect world! 


If Max moved on strictly like he did when escaping court he would have won is last year and the real killer of  Lucy Beale is becoming the worst kept secret ever!

Coronation Street
Sally is worried that husband to be, Tim, is getting cold feet well wouldn't you be if you were set to marry her!

Fair City
Now I know I give Fair City a hard time but one Boyle resident is enjoying it and this resident is Blondie the dog and I reckon judging on recent story lines she is also writing the scripts! Now you can follow Blondie's adventures on Facebook!

That's is for this week folks

Friday, September 25, 2015

Update 26th September

Saturday. RTE 1 9:45
The Ray Darcy show.
In honour of the new show lets do an odd one out quiz Terry Wogan' graham norton ' Ray Darcy ' of course ray is the odd one out the other 2 are successful chat show hosts and he was upstaged by a turkey!

Sunday UTV 9pm.
Downton Abbey.
In it's final series it's a must watch because in Downton everyone's waiting for you!

Monday CBBC. 6pm.
Yes another retro kids tv show returning with Alexander Armstrong in the title role' I hope this is not another pointless remake!

Tuesday Comedy Central 8:35.
Tadhg TV readers this is the worst comedy ever made because correct me if I'm wrong but is comedy not suppose to make ya laugh! It first came on our screens 15 years ago this week and it hasn't been off them since morse the pity!

Wednesday rte 1. 9:35.
Identity Thief.
Now this is one of funniest comedies I seen in recent years because Melissa McCarthy is flawless in it!

Thursday. Bbc2 9:00 pm.

As you all know I love proper good bbc comedy well Thursday nights are becoming the big night for comedy 3 brilliant comedy shows from 9:00 on bbc2!

Friday BBC 1 9:00.
Have I got new for you!
This grown up version of mock the week is back for another series there was plenty of taking points this week which I'm sure they will running with I haven't a rashers what's going on in British politics at the moment!


Coronation Street
It was live this week but Callum wasn't by the end of the show! David hidc the body under Gail's bed but I'm sure she will notice that the smell is not les Dennis's aftershave!

It's good to see Robbie Jackson return although it's too short! I mean the last time I laughed at eastenders was when danny dyer tried to be a serious actor!

Fair City.
Bob was told he was the doctors father in the middle of McCoy's which of course was packed also Paul Brennan made full recovery from a heart attack within 24 hours! That's is for this week Tiger 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Update 19th September

Saturday BBC 1 7:40 Doctor Who
One of the best shows on TV is back the popularity of this show over the years certainly confirms that Who is the man!

Sunday Network 2 2:15 The Sunday game
It's the biggest day of the year in GAA and it's an Classico with Kerry vs Dublin!

Monday Sky living 8 am. The Emmys
The American TV awards hopefully Tadhg TV favourites Game of Thrones and Modern Family get a gong because they certainly deserve it!

Tuesday 3e 10 pm The ultimate fighter.
The modest Conor McGregor is a mentor in this show where people compete to become ah the ultimate fighter.

Wednesday 9:55 network 2 Second captains live
This Irish sports panel is very good and if I had my way the presenters would be first captains

Thursday RTE 1 22;15 Crumlin
RTE documentary bases in Ireland's leading children's hospital where the doctors are in my humble opinion miracle workers to the highest degree.

Friday BBC 1 10:35 pm. The Graham Norton show
Great to see Graham back with crack and great guests galore.


Max Branning in court this week but Kathy is back too and her return storyline is the real crime and the most unrealistic part is 2 lady's vying for Phil's affections!!

Coronation street.
Corrie goes live on Wednesday and I hope to celebrate they give Gail Platt a decent hair cut! It's going to be live but the big question is who will not be by the end of the episode!

Fair City It was real car crash TV this week in fair city I assume it was sponsored by HP this week because the amount of tomato sauce used for blood was unreal!

That's is for this week T 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Update 12th September

Sat 12/09.
Pointless. BBC1 7:30A celebrity version of the quiz show with all your favourite children TV presenters well with a few notable exceptions which I am not going to get into!

Sun 13/09
This is England 90 9pm channel 4.
This is a follow up to this is England 80 I'd say the music will be class as well as the acting on this show!

Mon 14/09.
Vikings Network 2 9pmGreat TV show filmed in Ireland! These boys certainly have long horns!

Tuesday 15/09.
The Taste of Success Rte1 8:30This is a show which In each episode, four food producers try to impress the judges in the hope of winning the grand prize of getting there product sold in a supermarket chain. Well the only this is that the presents leave me a bad taste in my mouth!

Wednesday 16/09
Champions league live Network 2 7:30 

It's great to see football back on the box during the week! Even if it is a Arsenal game been shown!

Thursday 17/09
Girl meets boy BBC2 9:30.
Very smart comedy set in Newcastle about a lad who goes on a date with a lady but she had a big secret/modest Secret/ little secret.

Friday 18/09
South Park comedy central 10 pm.
Brand new episode of the funniest cartoon out there Eric Cartman is my role model


It's bad when the comedy element is an 80 year old woman living in a shed! Another point is Dot Cottons stint in prison done her the world of good as she looks better then she did going it!

Coronation Street
Tracey was arrested in the pub and guest what the Rovers Return was packed I mean there aren't many round Boyle on a Saturday might never mind on a Wednesday night!
Fair City
Paul Brennan is giving out because his daughter is going out with an unsavoury young man he must never of heard that a girls picks a boyfriend who is like her dad!

That's it for the week,


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Update 6th September

Saturday. 05/09 The Saturday game 5pm network 2.
I was delighted when my workmates predicted a Mayo win and then I copped they are from Mayo!

Sunday 06/09. The Sunday game 2:15 network 2.
I am hoping for a Galway win and will be watching some lovely hurling!

Monday. 07/09. Euro 2016 qualifier. 7pm.
This is a must win for the Ireland team Against Georgia! At least apr├Ęs match is getting it's own show ' funnily enough it's on directly after match!

Tuesday 08/09. Ballers sky Atlantic 10pm.
Finally the rock has come back to tv now I sure hope he hasn't hit rock bottom by starring in a bad tv show!

Wednesday.09/09 The great British bake off BBC1 9pm.
This show could really be renamed carry on baking because all that's missing is Sid James going yak yak yak In the background. I mean no wonder I like the show it has cakes and more double entendre then the benny hill show! Oh guess what you will be seeing a few tarts on this weeks show!

Thursday 10/09 Cradle to the grave. Bbc2. 9pm.
This sitcom looks class it's based on Danny Baker's autobiography which sees danny growing up and stars the always brilliant Peter Kay as Danny's dad FYI if you want to hear the best radio show of the week tune into Danny on BBC 5 live from 9 to 11 every Saturday morning it's even better then Joe Finnegan!

Gogglebox. 9pm channel 4.
Yes the funniest show on tv is back it's like a real life Royle family so if you want a laugh and entertainment watch this show if you don't want a laugh and entertainment watch the other long string on misery on the late late show!


I'm surprises the themes didn't burst it's bank with all the tears this week! Fair enough eastenders have the best actors but it also has the most depressing storylines!

Coronation street. Fiz and Tyrone are very good actors one moment they are doing corrie on camping and the next thing they are involved in a very difficult storyline with baby hope! Also Kevin had to get Sally out of a dress earlier in the week and it was harder done then you

That's it for this week Tiger

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Update 30th August

I read this week in the paper a man went on the website Ashley Madison and was shocked to see the wife was on it as well!

Saturday 29/08. The X factor 8pm tv3.
Well the biggest reality TV show is back and as ever the focus is on the judges as opposed to the contestants on the show! The big question after the first episode will be who is Nick Grimshaw?!!

Sunday 30/08. Time crashers 8pm channel 4
Tony Robinson brings celebrities back in time in this reality tTV show it's just a pity he cannot leave them there!

Monday 31/08 Danny and the human zoo. 9pm bbc1
This is a drama about Lenny Henry growing up in Birmingham in the 70s as a teenager. Now it reminds me a lot of another TV show but I can't think which one!

Tuesday 01/09. Bad robot e4 10pm.
Hidden camera show with a difference where the people are all pranked by actual machines which is very funny.

Wednesday 02/09. The strain watch 10 pm
It's season 2 of this show about an infection which takes over New York! It's a bit gory so only watch it if you can take the strain!

Thursday 03/09. Under the dome network 2 8.05
Delighted to see this show which is based on a Stephen King book back for season 3 this week. It's about a normal town until one day it was covered by a massive dome which isn't that bad because at least it woundn't be raining!

Friday 04/09. The late late show Rte 1 9:35.
You all remember that sense of dread you felt as a child when you learned you had to go back to school on the first week of September. Well I felt the same sense of dread when I read this muck is back on TV! I think I will be washing what's left of my hair when it is on!


Val is certainly putting the Fun in her funeral leaving a DVD of instructions for Eric and the crew! Rachel leaving will hit Sam hard which oddly enough is one of the reasons she is leaving in the first place!! Ross is alive but wearing a head bandage you wouldn't see on Basil Faulty!

Kathy is back after 10 years to see Ian now if I was her and saw what he become I would be gone for another 10 years at least!

Coronation Street
They say that love is blind so they better get Bethany Platt a white stick as she provided a false alibi for bad boy Callum she say footage of Sarah Louise out cold but I reckon she wasn't knocked out she was like all put to sleep by the current storylines on the soap!

That's it for this week. Tiger 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Update 22nd August

Greeting ... hope you all enjoy the summer I think it was a Thursday this year!

Saturday 22ndMarvels Agent Carter rte2 6:15.Rte was showing this MARVELious show about the adventures of captain Americas buddy Peggy Cartrer it's watchable enough it's way better then the fantastic 4 which should have been called the not so fantastic 4!

Sunday 23rdThe Sunday game live 2:45 rte 2Tyrone take on the kingdom of Kerry I think Mickey Harte is as well to include Tyrone from Coronation Street on the team because Kerry will win it easily!

Monday 24thGuess who's dead rte 1 9:35. Documentary about Irish peoples obsession with death notices and attending funereals Ardal O'Hanlon is a great choice as host as his acting career died after Father Ted! 

Tuesday 25thAquarius sky Atlantic 9:00This cop show follows the manhunt for Charles Manson it's violent for no reason but so are a lot of other shows these days!

Wednesday. 26thSkyfall rte1 9:35. New bond and it's the best one I ever seen if you watch this you definitely wouldn't be skyfalling asleep!

Thursday 27thCelebrity big brother tv3 Well the den of iniquity is open again with so called celebrities!

Friday 28thPolice academy 2 gold 11:00 Absolute classic comedy they don't make them like this anymore I'm afraid.


Which is harder to believe Kathy back from the dead or Bobby Beale the 10 year old with an email address 'Ian said he would swop places with max and I would too especially when he was going out with Denise Van Outen!! Denny is bullying picking it up from Phil but at least his didn't start mumbleing yet!

Coronation street. It's "Corrie on Camping" this week with Fizz and a gang on a holiday camp with a great turn by Paddy McGunnisss. But things were also intense on the streets with Max witnessing his father beat up Jason and just when Max was going to I give him the father of the year award !!! 

That's it for this week enjoy the good weather tiger

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Update 15th August

Saturday 14/08.
Keep it in family 7 pm itv.
This is proper Saturday night tv with the main man Bradley welsh as the host! It's a mix of the Generation Game and Deal or No Deal and the best thing about it is the dropping of so called celebrity!

Sunday 15/08.
Zoo sky 1 9pm.
This is about what would happen if the animals of the zoo escaped looking at the trailer for this I think there will be payback for Cecil the Lionn!

Monday 16/08.
The Rose of Tralee 8pm rte1
It's that time of year again when Tralee becomes a hub for the annual lovely girls competition The winner will be announced at 11 on Tuesday night when the pale moon is rising above the green mountain!

Tuesday 17/08.
Man united vs club Brugge 7;30 network 2
My beloved Man United In action in Europe should be an easy win anyways

Wednesday 18/08.
The town 9:30 rte 1
Great film this about a gang who rob a bank in Charlestown the American one not the Mayo one!

Thursday 19/08.
Flock stars 8:30 utv.
Dog Show with a different featuring so called celebritys who havn't been on TV in ages and after watching this for a 1/2 an hour you know why!

Friday 20/08.
Mountain goats 10:35. BBC1.
New bbc Scotland comedy I love to see new comedy on the bbc but just a reminder that the subtitles pages is 888 I loved rab c Nesbit but I coundn't catch all he was saying!


What is it with kids in soaps these days when they are not killing their sister they are beating up their step mothers or in Fair City's case telling their brother a random woman he never meet before is his mother!

Coronation street.
Mary is wedding planner for Sally well my advice for the husband to be is run as fast as ya can!!!!! Amy sums up the viewers feeling on the current storylines when she said she was bored and finally it's a case of like father like son with Simon drinking vodka!

Cindy had a bad dream she must have coped that the actor who played her brother is in the new X Men movie and she is in Eastenders. I honestly don't know what is worst Cindy acting or the camera angles and the only thing that's louder that Alfie's shirts is Mick Carter's snoring!

Chrissy went to the polics and should have been arrested on the spot because she acting is criminal! Pete said how would I know if Ross is coming back well he should know because he's the one who killed him or did he!!!!! Finally just to tell my under 16 / under 17s buddies training resumes this week on Wednesday night at 6.30

That's it for this week.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Update 7th August

Welcome to another week of tadhg tv.

Saturday 08/08.
Match of the day bbc1 10:20
Yes it's a start of the premiership and the match of the day will be when man united beat spurs 5-0

Sunday 09/08.
I am cait e. 10pm. Yes Bruce Gender is back but not as ya know him I think panty bliss is funnier to be honest!

Monday 10/08. The last man on earth Dave 9pm. New comedy about a man who believe he is the last person on earth sounds funny anyways.

Tuesday 11/08. Super cup final network 2 7:30. I hope this game lives up to it's name!

Wednesday 12/08. Love/hate rte 1 11pm. This is a welcome repeat of the last 2 seasons of the class dublin gangster drama last year it mixed reviews so to be honest you either love or hate it!!

Thursday 13/08. Prometheus film 4 10pm This is the 2012 prequel to alien it's so good it's outer this world!

Friday 14/08. 15 to 1 channel 4 8pm. The question Or nonanate quiz show is back with a celebrity issue but the difference is we actually know the celebrity involved!

Emmerdale. It was time for emmerdale annual accident and this year it was no other then a helicopter crashing into a marque basically gate crashing the wedding of Debbie dingle! The episode after the crash involves a lot of characters shouting out other characters names! Eastenders I was watching it during the week and though Phil Mitchell had a shave until I copped it was actually Shirley's fella I was looking at! As to who killed Lucy well I for one am passed caring at this stage!

Coronation street. Well les Dennis is really a Liverpool stereotype He found a peice of jewelry In the taxi and pawned it! well at one stage i was expecting les to dawn a curly wig and start shouting calm down calm down like in the harry Enfield sketch! Sarah Louise platt asked daughter Bethany are you completely stupit well she didn't pick it up from the ground! Fair shity Well Paul Brennan sums up fair city this week by saying this is a farce! Bens real mother said I knew I wouldn't be much of a mother well by watching her all week I know is definitely isn't much of an actress! Finally Louise Doyle's modelling is the only change she will get to wear a swimsuit in dublin this summer anyways!

That's is for this week hope you all have a good weekend. Tiger!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Update for 1st August

Welcome to tadhg tv it's cheaper then the rte guide and way more crack!

Saturday 01/08.
Transformers : dark of the moon tv3 9pm Class movie class effects they certainly transformed from the toys we all owned in the 80s!

Sunday 02/08.
Experimental Channel 4 9pm.
A show where the presenters attempt to recreate viral YouTube videos to see if the video stunts can actually be done

Monday 03/08.
UFC 190 3e 9pm 
Ronda Rousey is in action defending her woman's bantamweight title in Brazil! She is certainly a knockout!

Tuesday 04/08
New tricks bbc1 9pm
A welcome return for this cop show with a difference staring Rodney from only fools and horses and the legendary Dennis Waterman who stars in it  writes the theme tunes and sings the theme tune!

Wednesday 05/08.
Great British bake off bbc1. 8pm.
No soggy bottoms, big doughnuts and good cream horns is what you need to win this reality tv show oh and ya have to be a good baker as well :)

Thursday 06/08.
Safeword. Itv2 10 pm
Panel show where 2 comedies are joined by a celebrity and they slag off another celebrity who is also joined by 2 comics but the celebrity can stop the barrage of insults anytime by saying the safeword I know someone with a whistle who would be very good on this show!!!!!

Friday 07/08.
Would I lie to you bbc 1 8.30 pm
Panel show where contestant read statements and the other team has to identify if it's true or not! I know a few TDs who would be good at this show too!!!


Coronation Street:
Young Bethany Platt offered herself to bad boy Callum this week just a pity it wasn't a burned offering! Eastenders I though I was watching The Bill this week when I put on Eastenders there were more arrests this week in Eastenders then there is on an average episode of CSI

Fair City: 
There is a new character in Fair City from Zambia of all places and his English and accent is actually better then a lot of the other characters to be fair!

Hope you all have a great weekend and make the most of the bank holiday weekend!