Saturday, September 9, 2017

Update 9th September

Your very welcome to Tadhg tv 

Bbc 1 7pm
It's time to grab your glitterballs and watch the new series of the dancing show. I remember the legendary Brucie was host for a few years. He was full of fun and told loads of gags and had a few catchphrases. He was replaced by Claudia who's catchphrase is and now the next dancer. She is as much craic as Sonia in Eastenders.

BBC 2  8pm
Don't be annoyed that this is a reality show it's the best  show of the year. A group of people are put through a range of tests so assist if they have what it takes to be an astronaut. I was going to apply for it myself because people are calling me a spacer for years.

3e 10pm
Cold Feet
Welcome return for this brilliant show
I'm sure the cast were nervous about bringing the show back and some of them had cold feet.

Bbc 1 9pm
Dr Foster
Is there a doctor in the house well on.Tuesday night's there certainly is. Season 2 picks up 2 years after the events  of season 1. Of course  we all remember when the main actress was in Corrie. She was married to Steve McDonald but then which female character on the street wasn't at this stage.

Network 2 7pm
Champions league
I'm happy to see midweek football back even if  Liverpool are playing.

Sky Atlantic 9pm
Tin Star
I watched this last night it's a bit of a copy and paste  action drama but its still very watchable

Channel 4 9pm
Well this is a proper Friday night treat with fun and laughs provided by the people we know and love. The best way to describe the show is calling it's a real life version of the Royle family with dave doing the voice over.


It wasn't a quite week on the square it was a quite mental week
Mad max branning walked into a burning building twice without a scratch proving he is the devil.
Can I please state I was not driving the lorry that rammed into the ambulance.

That's it for this week
All the best


Friday, September 1, 2017

Update 2nd September

Welcome to Tadhg tv

Utv 8pm
The X Factor
Here's a spoiler - if the contestant back story is on for over 5  minutes they will make it through to the next round

Network 2
Looking forward to seeing some lovely hurling

Network 2 
Mad Max fury road
Great movie this with the big man Tom Hardy.

Channel 4 8pm
The Great British Bake Off
It's a welcome return for this great show
With new presenters but a change is as good as a rest. 

Get Shorty
Tv show based on the 90s movie. It's starring an actor I never hear of called
Chris O'DOWD :-)

Channel 4 8pm
Lego Masters
Great show looking for theUK and Ireland's Lego Master. I'd say the contestants in the final were bricking it.

Rte 1 9.35
The Late Late Show
Well TUBS is back for another year. It's not comparable to Graham Norton. I will be washing my hair during this show anyways.

Enjoy your WEEKEND