Friday, January 6, 2017

Update 7th January

Happy New Year and I'm happy there is new TV too !!

ITV1 8pm
The voice UK
Well ITV have taken the voice from the BBC. Of course the opening stage focuses only on the contestants voice which may help certain contestant get through to the next round!

BBC 1 9pm
Sherlock and Watson are back with the second of 3 new episodes it's going to be epic if last week's show is anything to go by!

3e 9pm
Celebrity Big Brother
The den of iniquity is wide open and this year they have outdone themselves and are bringing in Jedward to calm things down in the house!

Channel 4 10pm
One Of Us
This hit new US drama has come across the pond and it's very different to anything else! It's about 3 siblings and how their lives intertwine!

Channel 4 9 pm
No Offence
This howl of a comedy/police drama is back with a bang and full of one liners and a great cast!

RTE1 10:15
The Tommy Tiernan Show
Tommy Tiernan is back on our screens with this new chat show with a big difference ...   which is he hasn't a clue who the guests are until they land out on the stage

Sky 1 8:30
Modern Family
Very welcome return for one of the best US sitcoms in years!
In every episode you are guaranteed a laugh which is a very rare thing in modern day comedy


Ronnie and Jack's wedding day certainly ended in a splash
Denise is worried about people knowing that she is having a baby for big Phil Mitchell but people might cop when the baby wanted a bottle of whiskey instead of a bottle of milk!

Fair City
Well doormat is still hanging in I can think of 100 thousand rasons the girls want him to pull through
Ray was giving out when the last he was teaching to drive drove the car on her own because he said it was an offence well the cast inability to teach to certainly offence to me

Coronation Street
Leanne and Toya share everything including boyfriends apparently
Celighted Roy came a cropper and decided not to sell the cafe as he released it was on a roll

All the best for the week ahead Enjoy the good TV. next week I am tackling RTE   dancing with the stars ... you have all been warned!!!!!!