Friday, October 28, 2016

Update 28th October

TV 3 8pm
X factor
It's a scary Halloween Spacial tonight the real scary thing is that Honey G is still in the contest

Channel 4 9pm
I'm delighted to see the return of this fantastic show. It's about robots who are domestics but they are starting to uprise which will be great to watch!

Sky 1
Supergirl 8pm
Well this super show is back and looks like there is also a super guest star!

Comedy Central 8pm
The middle
Well the family sitcom is not great I suppose you could see it's middling!

Wednesday 9pm
Sci Fi
The Excerist
Well this is a TV take on the biggest horror movie ever made! This show will certainly turn a few heads!

RTE 2 9:30
Stop Hammer back again and the Boyle boy himself Mr O'Dowd is in it!

BBC 1 22:35
The Blame Game
This brilliant panel show from the north is back and in top form! It's really funny. It's better than the Late Late Show which really isn't saying much I supposes !


Coronation Street
Kevin told girlfriend Anna he would bring her to the bistro when she gets out of hospital which is owned by the brother of the person who put her In hospital in the first place Ken Barlow is In hospital I wonder is the actor getting full pay! Both Sarah Louise and her daughter have fallen for the same man! I hate when that happens!

Fair City
The girls kidnapper is being revealed - who is it and who cared at this stage! Oisin has got dad Paul's best quantities aggression and being a ladies man!

Kim is not doing great with the driving but I can't really talk Well Lee Carter's stag is on and what could go wrong knowing Eastenders scriptwriters ... EVERYTHING !!

That's it for this week

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend and don't forget to support and pay a visit to the fantastic pubs in this fine town of boyle! 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Update 21st October

Welcome to another fun filled edition of Tadhg TV !

Saturday ITV 8pm
X factor
As much as I love to give out about this show, this year's X factor is one of the best years I've seen in a while and believe me it has nothing to do with the return of Louis Walsh.

Man United vs Chelsea
This is going to be a cracker of a game! It certainly will be the Special one!

Monday Fx 9 pm
The Waking Dead
Its back again and the big question will be answered and can all walkers make sure they are home by 9pm otherwise will miss out!

Sky Atlantic 9pm
This year has been a great year for New TV and this is going to become an instant classic! It's based on the classic movie and the TV show is the best in the westworld!

BBC 1 8pm
Bake Off final
this is the final bake off final on the BBC and the last one with Mel (nudge nudge) and Sue ( wink wink) I for one am getting behind Andrew the Ginger Ninja!

Dave 9:40
This new comedy Is a spoof of Lord of the Rings so I will make a 'hobbit' of watching it every week!

BBC 2 10pm
This show is back but with a different in that the Fry guy is gone and been replaced by Sandi  which I think is quite interesting!


Fair City
The girl is locked in cellar it could be worst she could be living with TYommy Dillon!
Paul is having an affair again

Coronation street
David's doing dodgy driving.
Ken Barlow had a stroke and the actor who plays his son had a stroke of luck when he was asked to return to the cobblers

Kim driving skills are nearly good as mine!
I don't know why Kathy is concerned that Ben is giving Phil a liver one of the conditions is Phil must remain sober for 6 months lol

Well this week was brilliant It was car crash TV!
It started with a funeral on Monday night but whose was it?
Ashley forgot his daughter's name but remembers where the keys of the cars were and how to drive it!

Thanks it for this week
All the best

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Update 15th October

Welcome to Tadhg TV

BBC 6:30
Strictly Come Dancing
Yes a reality TV show about the contestants not the judges and Irish people are getting behind Laura Whitmore and I'd certainly give her one (if I was a judge on the show)

Channel 4 9pm
The Crystal Maze
This 90s favourite is back as a one off but if we watch it, it will be back fully! I liked the original presenter because the presenter had the same hairstyle as myself!

Sky living
Criminal minds 9 pm
This criminally good show is back and it's not easily watched because like the Boyle Scouts it's intense (in tents) at times!

BBC 1 9pm
Ordinary Lies
This is a great comedy drama about a group of people who work together but after work they all live very different life's each episode focuses on a different person! BBC is the home of good comedy and drama to be fair!

Rte 2 7pm
Campions League Live
It's the big one tonight Barcelona versus man shity It will be great if Barca win I personally think it will be a Messi game.

Dave 9pm
Red Dwarf X1
It's great to see that super comedy set in space back with all your favourites back which means Fun fun fun

Channel 4 9pm
Well Friday night for me is all about watching great TV and great laughs This is the perfect Friday night TV show which all the family can enjoy!


It's hard to laugh at Eastenders this week - there was great acting from Whitney Dean which is something I though I would never be writing
Jay came back which is great there can never be enough moody teenagers in a show!
Billy showed he wasn't silly by throwing his weight around at the funeral parlour well his surname is Mitchell after all!!

Coronation street
Pheelan is trying to win over Eileen with a holiday! Let's hope it's a one way ticket!
Things are hotting up in the Platt household. David the demented is probably my favourite character at the moment!
I wish Tyrone and Fizz were in it more! They are the funniest soap couple on TV at the moment!

Fair city
Well after this week it should be called 'affair city', doormat has changed from mild mannered accountant to expect in all things criminal! The real crime is the ridiculous storyline.

That's it for this weeks Tadhg TV enjoy your week

Friday, October 7, 2016

Update 8th October

Welcome to another stellar edition of Tadhg TV

TV 3 8pm
X factor
This year is a Spacial year for the X factor as they start the live show because instead of the 1 novelty singer there are at least 3! It seems that the ability to generate viewers is more important then the ability to sing this year!

RTE   2 7pm
International Football
We will all be cheering on the boys in green and hope we leave Moldova green with envy when we beat them 5-0

Luke cage
This a new Netflix show based on the marvel character Luke Cage which looks very good! Netflix have more leeway when it comes too censorship so this is the uncaged version of the show if you will.

3E UFC 9pm
Speaking of cages it's time for another UFC pay per view now this is shown live at 3 AM on Saturday night/ Sunday morning but now the ally is closed there is nowhere ya can watch it live In Boyle anymore.

The Missing
This is the follow up to the hit show of last year! Hopefully a few hundred viewers won't be missing by the time episode 2 airs!

ITV 8:30
For the love of dogs
This show was recommended to me by my 4 legged friend Blondie Dooley! It is a great show about rehoming abandoned dogs hosted by one of my favourite presenters Paul O'Grady! It's really a savage show!

Channel 4. 10pm
The Last Leg
Well it's great to see this brilliant show back on our screens now like myself this show is not for the easily offended


The square was full of joy and laugher this week! Not So Jane is improving at least pity the actress who plays her isn't improving as an actress.
Phil is on his death bed for the 100 time I think. Finally Stacey and martin fowler are very happy in their new house which means more then likely one of them will be killed off Christmas Day!

Coronation street
Come on Eileen do something before it's too late! The only time Pheelan isn't doing is going around with I am a Conman written on his forehead.
David Platt got attacked and apparently les Dennis surveys 100 residents and asked Gail for the top 5 people she thinks attacked him!
Todd is a bad egg lying and cheating etc I reckon he would apply for the apprentice looking at this contestants he would probably end up winning it!

That's it for this week have a great weekend and an even better week.
Tiger !

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tadhg TV update 1st October

Saturday Network 2 5pm
Saturday game
Well it's time to do it all again I hope mayo do it and i promise if Mayo win the all Ireland I will watch the late late show in it entirety for the whole month of October!

Sunday Utv 7pm
X factor
It's bootcamp week this week and it's getting good for a change! So who will get the boot? And will the rating get a boast! All will be revealed

Carrick cinema 8:30
The magnificent 7
Went to see this during the week it was excellent. The star of the movie was of course Denzel Washington! I though I'll include this movie as every cowboy knows a bandwagon when he sees one!

Tuesday Sky Atlantic 9pm
This TV show of course is based on the cult movie and stars Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris it's definitely worth a look!

Wednesday Tv3 9::30
Pat Kenny Tonight
Yes Mr Personality is back on our screen with a new show I bet it will be serious crack with the plank!

Thursday BBC 1 9pm
The Apprentice
The best reality TV show of the lot is back with Lord Sugar and there is an Irish interest this year! PS for someone with the surname Sugar he is not very sweet!

Friday BBC 1 10:35
The Graham Norton Show
Another welcome return for the cheeky Cork Chappie himself I better watch him because if Mayo win the all Ireland I will keep my promise to watch that long string of Misery Tubbers


So if Dot Cotton losses the job with the residents of Albert Square have to wash there dirty Linen in Public
Phil Mitchell is on his death bed again he must be getting a loyalty card from the intensive care unit at this stage!
Finally Jane giving Stephen money to cash in the bank is like telling me not to touch the apple tart in the fridge!

Coronation street
Roy came up cropper this week!
Todd has a feeling the local builder is up to some dodgy dealing!
Maria has some unwanted attention as Caz is interested in more then just a wash and a blow dry!

That's is for the week
I just want to wish Boyle all the best in their Semi final on Sunday