Saturday, April 25, 2015

Update 25th April

Saturday 25/04/2015
Ninja Warrior  UK 7pm  UTV
This is proper Saturday night tv - a very tough obstacle  course apply fse and lots of falling a must for next session.

Sunday 26/04/2015
The Voice of Ireland  6.30  RTE1
All  good in  things must come to an end'  and all bad things as well when it comes to  this anyways.

Monday 27/04/2015
Game of Thrones  Sky Atlantic 9pm
Well its back alright. Someone lost the head last week literally lol. People complain there is too much nudity in this show well I strongly believe there is not half enough.

Tuesday 28/04/2015
Empire  E4 9pm
An American drama television series that centers around a hip hop music and entertainment company. I will be one of the big guns and watch all the guest stars as well.

Wednesday 28/04/2015
Newszoids UTV  pm
This is an updated version of Spitting Image  with puppets of everyone. Now bearing in mind Spitting Image finished in the early 90s the only thing I can remember about it was I was't allow to watch it.

Thursday 29/04/2015
The Big Bang Theory  E4 8.30pm
Hands down one of the funniest tv shows and the only show where the girlfriends are as funny as the main cast

Friday 30/04/2015
best show on TV. Weekly wacky review  of the UK's news and entertainment


Dot's funeral speech was moving. and well saying that it made me move tond keeps it on.

Coronation Street
Gail is going down the aisle again for the 100th time. I hope she gets a veil covering her face and keeps it on.

Fair City
"If ya have nothing nice to say say nothing at all" especially when it comes to acting  in Fair Shity

Thats it for this week happy viewing...

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Update 11th April

The Grand National  3 pm channel 4
My advice get the names of the horses, write them on a sheet of paper and pin then to a wall and throw a dart at it. Now the BEST TIP I CAN GIVE it keep your money in your pocket.

The Simpsons 6.30 sky 1 6,30
Start the week off with a laugh admittedly not as funny as hey were say 10 years ago but Homer is still king.

Game of Thrones.  9 pm sky atlantic
Now ever since i started writing my blog I have been waiting for my chance to discuss this show. for anyone who never seen it. It is a cross between the lord of the rings and the sopranos and it features the funniest dwarf on TV since Gary Coleman in different strokes. I will be reviewing it every week because its hands down the best show on TV.

Bad Teacher 9 pm comedy central. 
Remake or reboot as it is a remake of the movie of the same name, the movie was funny so I assume the TV show will be as well.

First Date channel 4 10 pm 
How do you make a first date 100 times more awkward? I know - let people film it for a TV show, yes its sinking a new low and very embarrassing but it is very very funny.

Mad Men. sky Atlantic 10 pm
This show about advertisers in the 60s is in its final series which is a good thing because the way they were drinking someone's liver is going to be go soon.
Mrs Brown's Boys 9,30 bbc 1 
Yes i know we saw all the episodes before but it is still worth a look, Brendan O'Carroll has done brilliant with the show and the nice thing about it is everyone in it is somehow related to him, so its a real family comedy.


So Denise van Outen landed in the square this week. She ended up with Max Branning. I wonder did she cook him a big Breakfast the next day. Also Stan and Cora got Married, I wonder did the Vicar give Stan 2 for the price of one with the wedding and the funeral.

Coronation Street. 
Eileen meet a man online which is good because she wont meet one is real life.

Fair City.
Well Deco Bishop's chat up line of are ya alriggggt worked on Karri Ann. Listening to Haley's accent she went to the June Rodgers school of acting. Cas is in finical difficultly so thats him and 1/2 the county.

Ros na Run 
So Bernie's doctor boyfriend proposed but she politely declined. He then goes on to tie up her son and her. The man must not handle rejection well.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Update 4th April

Saturday 04/04. Thunderbirds are go UTV. 5 pm! Yes they are back and Ready to entertain a new generation of fans!

Sunday "Michael McIntyre 9 pm bbc
He is back on our screens. He is to be joined by lots of good guests! I hope anyways
cheeky chappie should be cheeky chappy!

Monday .Moone boy Sky 1 9pm.
Bad news this is the last episode of the current series , but the good news is it is on for 15 minutes more than normal .The storyline this week is Grandad as an imaginary friend as well, and Johnny Vegas is in it .

Tuesday Friends Network 2 7.30.
Network 2 are showing this rubbish again from episode one! It is the worst sitcom ever! Excise me but is comedy not suppose to make you laugh also there is no stand out moment in this! For example drl boy felling through the bar!!

Wednesday Seconds Captain Live Network2 2.10pm.
This is a lively show presented by the former off the ball presenters! It's good fun and they are a lot better then 'the last of the summer wine' who are currently presenting the coverage of the big games at the moment.

Thursday The Unemployables Network 2 9 pm. 
In the show the presenters take 2 unemployed people under their wings to make them employable! I reckon they could film the full series in Boyle!

Friday Have I got news for you BBC1 9pm
The best panel show on tv is back. The first guest host is none other then Harry Potter. I hope he can magic up some decent one liners!


CoronationStreet: Is it me or does Bethany Platt look older looking than Sarah who is her mother also for a person who spend a lot of her life in Italy she has a very broad accent

Eastenders: I know Ben Mitchell is deaf ,but if Phil keeps shouting like he does it is not going to help the situation.I hope Stan Carter is not going to die on Good Friday because we all know what happened to a certain person who dies on Good Friday!

Fair city: So Dan has depression now bearing on mind the only person sage had contact with in the last 2 months is Carol I think that makes a lot of sense