Saturday, February 27, 2016

Update 27th February

Welcome to another dose of tadhg tv.

Saturday rte 2 9:10

Great movie great cast about a great man!

Sunday Channel 4 9pm
The wolverineHugh Jackman is brilliant in this movie about x man As opposed to an ex man!

Monday bbc2 9pm.
The people vs oj Simpson.

I love this tv show but after watching 2 episodes I don't think OJ Simpson is as funny as Homer Simpson

Tuesday Comedy Central 9pm
The middle 
Sitcom about a family.  It's not great but it's not bad I suppose it's middling :-)

Wednesday l sky1 8pm
Great to see this comic book based tv show back and it's certainly on target!

Thursday itv 9pm.
Bear grylls mission survive
Survival show with celebrities I hope some of them do not!

Friday Grimsby
Carrick cinema
New comedy which like me will not be for the easily offended but Shannon from home and away is in it so will be worth a look.

Will Sally Webster become the Joan burton of Coronation Street. Kevin apologised to Anne but she wasn't Phelan it

Eastenders. It's great how martin fowler can afford to go to Florida I think the stall must be going well!? Finally. Stacey Slater is a brilliant little actress I know Ive been harsh on the standard of acting in soaps but to be fair these actors are on our screens day in day out with little or no credit or or praise so well done to all the soaps actors and actresses your doing a great job! 

That's it for this week

Thanking you,

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Update 19th February

Saturday. Utv 7pm.
Ant and dec Saturday night takeaway. The kings of Saturday night TV are back I recommend to watch this while eating a Troys at least your watching takeaway and eating one too!

Sunday Bbc 1 9pm
The night manager.
New BBC drama starring Loki from Thor it looks better then Fair City anyways but that's not saying much !

Monday Sky Atlantic 9pm
New show about a down and out record company in 1960,s it's produced by Mick Jagger so he can get satisfaction by knowing after just 1 episode it's been renewed for a second session

Tuesday. Carrick cinema 9:15
A marvellous movie full of fun and action and crack! Deadpool is an x man but no in the same way Bruce Jenner is.

Wednesday. Network 2 10:45
Briget and Eamon
A sitcom set in 80s Ireland now where did I see that before.

Thursday Rte1 10:05
Tv show reuniting 2 stars from my favourite show life on Mars I just pray it's not a flop

Friday. Channel 4 9pm
What better way to spend a Friday night when win "Chase The Ace" in Wynnes, but failing that you can tune into the funniest show on TV with laughs for all the family! It's such a simple idea get a load of people to watch TVand film their reactions

Tigers soapy bits

Looks like Whitney Dean inherited the earrings from fat Pat Butcher! Kush the lush says he is Stacey's kids father I'm glad he knows because she doesn't even know her name at this stage! Abi branning pretends to be having a baby but really isn't it a nice change to see a teenage girl in soaps who didn't have a kid!

Coronation street
Tracey held Carla hostage In a room but at least it wasn't Norris If was taking her hostage! Will Les Dennis find our the truth about Phelan Our l survey says ah ahhhhh!

That's it for this week Enjoy your weekend
ps (still off Facebook for lent) 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Update 13th February

Greetings, and I hope you all have a great valentines day!

Last year a letter landed for me on the 13th of February I said I'll wait till the 14th to open it! So I opened it on the day,,,,, turned out it was a hospital appointment!

Saturday channel 4. 10pm.
Escape plan.
This great action film with Arnie and Sly - well Arnie did say I'll be back

Sunday channel 4 9pm.
Deutschland 83
Bad news this is the last episode of this show! Good news it's an epic finale for 1 hour and 45 minutes it's a great watch even if you have to read the subtitles!

Monday fox 9pm.
The waking dead
It's a welcome return to the waking dead and I don't mean candidates in the general election! (vote local))))

Tuesday comedy Central 9:30.
Mike and Molly
This show is back and it's bigger and better! Melissa McCarty is very funny to be fair! 

Wednesday Sky 1 9pm.
TV show based on the hit movie the possibilities for this show are indeed limitless

Thursday fix 10pm.
American Dad.
Seth McFarland comedy - it's a cartoon but not for kids!

Friday channel 4. 10pm.
The last leg.
The best panel show of the week is back and I'm sure the presenters will put their best foot forward.

Enjoy the Valentine's weekend and your week.
Tiger xx

Friday, February 5, 2016

Update 5th February

Saturday rte 1 4pm.
The voice of Ireland
Anyone who missed local lad Marc Egan walk into the next round the voice catch up there! Tadhg tv fully backed Marc and hopes he wins the contest outright joining the likes of .......... 
Sunday 3pm.
Six nations
I'm sure the whole country will be standing shoulder to shoulder cheering on the boys in green!

Monday sci fi 9pm
This is about space bounty hunters with the popularity of Star Wars you will see a lot of these in the coming years!

Tuesday. Bbc1 9pm
Happy Valley
Great BBC drama back for a second season it's not a happy valley but if it was it wouldn't make good viewing!

Wednesday Comedy Central 10pm
Drunk History
Drunk comedians giving their accounts of historic events what more would ya want

Thursday bbc2 8pm
Cats vs Dogs.
Which is better cats or dogs, well find out as both animals are put to the test! As some if you may know I'm more of a dog man myself

Carrick cinema Dad's Army
Well this is the big screen revival of one of the funniest tv sitcoms ever made so no pressure! Will it be as good as the original tv show? ... who do you think you are kidding' 

Tiger's Soapy Bits

Coronation street
Jenny Bradley is back to be fair her life was a bit of a train wreck recently or tram wreck maybe. Mary is worried that people might treat badly as she was seeing a married man but on the street she would look out of place if she didn't have an affair!

The must annoying thing this week is rushing to get the remote and press 888 for the subtitles the minute Phil Mitchell opens his mouth he is mumbling like Brando in the godfather! Stacey though it wasn't her child when martin brought it in first! Well they do get multiple baby's to play to babies In soaps

Fair City

Heather is doing her her best Norma bates impression which will not end good! Enjoy your week Tiger