Saturday, August 20, 2016

Update 20th August

UFC 202
The fighting Irish are at it again this Saturday all Irish eyes will be watching McGregor

Rte 1  2:45
The Sunday game
I will be cheering on Mayo like all the Roscommon people living in Ballaghaderreen

Rte 1, 8pm
The Rose of Tralee
Well it's that time of year again where Tralee is the focal point as the Roses try to impress the judges but the bad news is I  heard that they got the same judges as it Olympic boxing !!!

BBC 2, 9pm
Ripper Street
This ripper of a BBC drama returns it's set in Victorian London and it think it was also filmed in Ireland

BBC,1, 9pm
The Great British  bBke Off
Get ready for some big buns, round doughnuts, and lots of tarts and that's only the contestants !! it's a great show and it has more double entendres then the Benny Hill show,!

Sky living 9pm
It's all drama all singing County and WesternTV show is back with a bang it's very enjoyable!

Channel 4,  9pm
8 out of 10 cats do countdown
What's better then countdown yes Jimmy Carr presenting countdown

Well asking who has a motive for locking babe in the fridge is a bit like asking who  was in the ally on a Saturday night there are a load of people in the frame!

That's it for this week

Friday, August 12, 2016

Update 12th August

Nothing on tv this week so I'm doing a retro 90s style Tadhg TV for one week only

Itv ,6,pm
This is totally 90s tv a proper good Saturday night show where ya didn't have to ring a number to decide the winner and there is not a judge in sight,! The perfect start to a Saturday night followed by a few in the Rockingham arms and dance the night away in Cleos

RTE 8:30
The show used to strike fear Into My Heart because once the theme tune  started I realise I had to start my homework for the Monday morning!!!

Itv 8pm
Strike it lucky
This  is an era when quiz shows were presented by people with personalities
They were  entertainment and this one was presented by Michael Barrymore
Well the aim was to get to the end of the ramp avoiding hot spots
I think Barrymore might have stepped on s few hot spots himself in recent years

Network 2 9pm
X files
Tuesday night was always x files nights we it will back again next year well as they used to say the truth is out there

Boyle cinema 
Home alone 
I  remember queuing to see this movie and ended up watching it sitting on the steps in the cinema. It was a proper family comedy full of slapstick comedy and likeable characters  I remember seeing loads of classic movies in Boyle cinema it was great for the town

ITV  8:30
It was a brilliant show where  Dennis Waterman starred in it, wrote the theme tune and sang the theme tune! Awthur Daly was the car salesman afraid of nothing apart from her in doors

RTE 2 ,4:30
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Nothing sums up Friday like the turtles. Michaelangelo was my favourite sure he was the party dude after all :-)

That's it for this week
I  just want to wish Joe McGee and Siobhan Brennan the very best on their upcoming wedding
Enjoy your week

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Update 5th August

Sky1  8pm, The Last Ship
This show is produced by Michael Bay of transformers it may be called last ship but it's certainly full steam ahead for this brilliant show

Channel 4  10 pm, Naked attraction
In this new dating show a girl gets to see the suitors naked and they arer revealed a bit  of the time the man the girls finds the most  outstanding wins  magnifying glasses provided

Sky premiere  8pm, The man from U.n.c.l.e
We all remember the classic 60s tv show. I think the film is a H.I.T

Itv 9pm, Long Lost family
Great show but it's full  of emotion I watched it last week and the last time I was that upset was when I heard they  were  cancelling the gala festival here in Boyle

RTE 1 10:15, The People vs Oj Simpson
I know I talk about this a lot but it's a great show! You will have to watch it to see if he gets away with it

Tv3 9pm, Celebrity BB
It's stated and against my better judgement I watched it and it's very  funny remember the real  winner is the phone company


Everyone though moira was the one on drugs this week  she did  marry Cain after all Zak Dingle is getting married hope he has a shave. Belle is talking to an imaginary friend well it's probably talking more sense than Sam

Sharon saw a face from the past I though it was going to be miss piggy. How do ya know aunt babes lying she opens her mouth. Whitney and lLee didn't least but people are usually happy for the same about of time it takes Patrick Truman to finish a glass rum  in Watford

Coronation street
Come on Eileen your son is a wrong in. I've a pfeeling things are going to get worse for her too,!

That's it's for this week