Saturday, July 25, 2015

Update 25th July

The Sunday game network 2 1.30
There is lovely hurling this weekend with the quarter finals on live!

Tour de France Eurosport 6.30.
It's time to get on your bike for the last time this year with the final stage for 2015

The 3 day nanny channel 4 9pm
A childminder comes to the aid of distressed families. Well going on the title the children's will probably return to normal on the 5th day!

Roy. 5pm network 2
This is an Irish kids program about a cartoon character living with a real family and Paul Young's cartoon saloon. I'm involved in it too!

Americas got talent. Tv3. 9pm.
American version of the talent show and it's very well done and similar to the British one!

Ripper street. Bbc 1 9pm 
I'm delighted to see this which is set in Victorian London but filmed in Dublin is back on our screens for a 3rd season!


Coronation Street!
I wouldn't want to be Simon Barlow's teacher when they read his essay called "My summer holidays" also I know it's boring for kids at home during the summer holidays but I think he went a bit overboard this week!

This week Ben Mitchell was called in for questioning re the death of Lucy Beale which to be fair the storyline has been done to death at this stage! Also they say Ben is deaf but the fact Phil speaks at a volume level only dogs can here doesn't help the situation!!!!

That's all for this week folks

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Update 18th July

The Saturday game 6.15 network 2
Kerry vs cork and you can read about the kerry men in the kerry man!

Agent carter 9 pm fox.
Another comic book made into a tv show but this is set during world war 2 and focuses on captain Americas buddy Peggy Carter!

Yonder land sky 1 8 pm.
This is a rare thing - a funny comedy home produced by Sky with the exception of Moone Boy of course!

Z nation Pick 10 pm.
Yes another zombie based tv show the last time I saw that many lifeless creatures was when the camera showed the audience at the Late Late Show!

Anger management Comedy Central 10pm
Cheeky Charlie Sheen is back on form In the cracker of a sitcom where he plays a person with anger issues so life imitating act again!

Manhunt discovery 9 pm.
This is a class show where the aim is for the host to evade capture in different countries! It is very well done and good crack too!

The Imelda May show RTE 1 9.30.
An Irish version of later with Jools with Imelda May as host who's accent is a bit Moore Street to be fair!


Well I though I was watching Home and Away with one brother a cop and the other one a criminal it's like Braxton light!

Well we still don't know what the key is for but one for sure is it's definitely not for a chastity belt that's for sure!

Fair City
Wayne's world is imploding but at least junior is a bit deaf but unfortunately the viewers are not!
Coronation street Carla is gambling well. If she win she should buy Roy Cropper a new coat because he is wearing the same coat for the last 10 years!

That's it for this week.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Update 11th July

Saturday 11th. Ted channel 4 9 pmThis is one of the funniest movies in years! It's about a talking teddy bear but it's definitely not a kids movie!

Sunday 12th. Family guy BBC 2 10 pm. New episodes of the animated show revolving about Peter and the Griffin family (no relation)

Monday 13th UFC 189 3e 9pm
Conor McGregor has a chance of being champion I hope he wins as he could do word a boast of confidence!

Tuesday 14th. Black sails history 10pm 
New show which is a prequel to Treasure Island and directed by Michael Bay of Transformers fame it's about pirates I think it's Arrrrr rated! Wednesday 15th.

Wedneday the 15th. Ray Donavan . Sky Atlantic 9pmOne of the best show on tv about a fixer just a pity he can't fix the bad acting but the actors who play the kids

Thursday the 16th Big brother tv3 9pmThis is the final of the show who will join the likes of your one who won it last year and what's he face who won the previous year!

Friday the 17th Song of the sea carrick cinemaNew Irish animation from Boyle animator Paul young featuring a who's who of the finest Irish vocal talent! Paul done very well for himself drawing cartoons while a lot of others draw the dole.


Coronation streetNext week will be a sad week for the street with the funeral of Deirdre Barlow nee Langton nee hunt nee whatever your Having yourself ! Eastenders Jean got the key' jean got the secret but I don't mind what the key is for as long as it's not for fat pat butchers jewarry box I'll be happy! 

Thanks it for this week. T 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Update 4th July

Saturday  04/07
The Saturday Game 4.40 pm network 2
the Rossie Possie are taking on Cavan and its  been played in Cavan  because rumor has it the Cavan lads are to mean to hire a bus.

Sunday 05/07 
The Sunday game 1.30  network 2
Kerry VS cork it will be pure Kerry Gold I reckon 

Monday 06/07
The Brink 10.15 sky Atlantic  
The political comedy is on the brink of being one of the comedies of the year with a cast including Jack Black and Tim Robbins it is pure gold.

Tuesday 07/07
Child Genius 9 pm channel 4
quiz show where pit the brightest sparks in the county against each other i doubt there would be many from  the old st Mary's crew on it if it was made when we were in school.

Wednesday 08/07
Community 10.30  Sony TV 
Set around students at a community college starring  Mr Chow from the hangover and Chevy Chase

Thursday  09/07
Tour de France  1.15 eurosport
Get on your bike and enjoy the best race of the summer bar Sean Kelly's commentary which is about as much crack as  the presenter of  Roscommon county matters.

Friday 10.07
Wimbledon 12.30 bbc 2 
Mens Semis being played today at Centre Court


Coronation Street
Big fight between Gail and Eileen  and the highlight for me was the part in Audrey's hair dresser because I haven't seen the inside of a hairdresser's since the late 90s.

that's all for the week
enjoy the good weather