Friday, June 16, 2017

Update 16th June

Welcome to Tadhg tv

Tv3 7.30
The Voice Kids
It's yet another reality show but this is one with a difference in that it's a kid singing contest  hoping to impress the judges including will I am hope they last longer then their adult counterpoints

RTE 19.30
The Sunday Game
You will be able to watch highlights of Roscommon's beating of Leitrim because on Sunday there will be nowhere to Hyde
BBC 1 8.30
This  is a brand new documentary about George Best and we will find out where it all went wrong

Tv3 10 pm
New crime drama staring John Bishop who is very good in it so there will be no bashing of the bishop this week

Carrick Cinema
Well I went to see this last week I though it was actually very funny the rock was great and there was a cameo from a certain blonde bombshell who looks younger now then she did 20 years ago

Sky Atlantic 9pm
Rivera This is yet another sky drama and Paul McGuiness is involved and in my view Sky Drama still haven't found what their looking for!

Channel 4 9pm
The Crystal Maze
This 90s classic is back with Richard ayoade  presenting it you might remember him from the IT CROWD with another actors ... I can't remember his name!!!  Anyways start the 90s members now!

All the best
Enjoy the weekend

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Update 3rd June

Welcome to another wild and wonderful edition of Tadhg TV

Tv3 7pm
Britain's Got Talent final
This is the big final of the best show on tv it was on all week Well I think it was because every time i  switched over to  watch it there was ads on

BBC 1 18.50 pm
Manchester Concert
This is an all star concert featuring a who's who of musicians to suit all tastes
What happened was tragic but its great to see how a community can pull together

Big Brother
Tv3 8.30
The door of the den of iniquity have been flung wide open for another summer of sin and shenanigans!

Itv 9pm
Love Island
Another classy  show makes a return this week I applied to go on this myself only to be rejected the producers reckon I was too good looking and it would be unfair on the rest of the male contestants

Rte 1 9:35
This new drama is very good it's about a handy man who is very handy

13 Reasons why
After hearing people talking about this show and reading the reviews I'm struggling to find one reason why I should watch this show

Carrick Cineplex
Wonder Woman
This movie is definitely going to be a summer hit! It's a proper big budget summer  comic book movie with the wonder woman and I'm sure there will be a few of her super friends joining her.

That's it for this week
Remember this bank holiday WEEKEND to drink local as well as shop local

You can go to any pub in Boyle and be given a fantastic welcome by all the staff who are all up for the craic  

Enjoy the weekend
Tiger - Tadhg Griffin