Friday, September 13, 2019

Update 13th September

Network 2, 5pm
The Saturday Game Live
THIS is it the big replay
Kickoff is 6pm and as Frank Carson used to say it's a cracker

BBC 2 11'15
State of the Union
One of Boyle's favorite sons Chris o Dowd graces our screen in this new comedy about a couple going to relationship  councelling.

Network 2, 9pm
Mr Mercedes
The hit tv show starring about friend of Boyle Mr Brendan Gleeson is back for a 3rd season
This is based on a Stephen King book

Network 2 10.10
Line of Duty
Big BBC drama with Adrian Dunbar as the legend that is Ted Hastings as the chief of police but who I wouldn't trust as far as I can throw him and that isn't very far.

Tv3, 9pm
Gogglebox ireland
Well Ireland's favorite telly addicts are back watching the highlights and the lowlights 
of the weeks tv.

Sky One, 9pm
A League of Their Own
The boys are back with a show packed with fun and games with guest's Lee Mack and Kevin Bridges

Channel 4, 9pm
The Great British Bake Off - an extra slice
The companion show to the main show, an it is hosted by the great Jo Brand and one of the best parts is when the studio audiences member show off their bakes.
Some of the cakes look dodgy. I wouldn't even eat them and that's really saying something

Now in other Boyle news the Boyle GAA lotto is over €11,500 so if you see a very familiar face selling tickets tomorrow night around town be nice.

That's it for this week
All the best