Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Update 24th July

Welcome to another fun filled edition of tadhg tv featuring all my tv highlights and lowlights for the week.
As Kenny Everett used to say
It's all done in the best possible taste

Sky sports action 7pm
Roscommon vs Dublin
Well this is the big one in.croke Park.
I really hope  we do the business so it's time to raise up all Rossies.

Sky one 11 am
Well as all know my favourite sport is WWE
ha which stands for world wrestling entertainment
It's the most fun on tv and there are 3 Irish wrestlers competing at the moment. 

Virgin media 2
Love Island 9pm
Well now things are heating up in the villa 
Michael is now single and now he opens up to the girl he was originally coupled up with
But he should have known better I mean even I know Amber means proceed with caution.

Gold 5.45
Are you being served
One of my absolute favorite comedys
Set in grace brother's department store  where  the men'swear department is watched over by the pompous captain peacock and of course you have mrs slowcombe who owns a cat....
At 5.45 every weekday I make sure I'M FREE

sky thriller 8pm
The godfather part 2
This is one of my favourite movies of all time
It's an epic movie chronicling the story of Don Corleone.

Fox 9pm
TV show based on marvels x men.
That's mutants with SUPER powers as opposed  to Caitlyn Jenner.

Channel 4  9pm
Celebrity gogglebox
When I say Shaun Ryder from the happy Mondays on this last week all I could think was your twisting my melon man.


Coronation Street
It's silly season on the soaps at the moment but I'll do my best 
The last that was seen of gail platt she was boarding a plane I'm surprised she didn't try to save a few pound and use her broom 
So Carla is giving her SHAREs of underworld to the staff what I can't understand is how all the orders are completed because noone  does a tap of  work in the factory.

Sharon's baby and Louise baby are going to grow up in the same house which is only right as both children have d same fath'ser
The Slaters are worried they lost Phil's money but I'm sure it will show up more then likely behind the bar in the Vic

Fair City
Paul Brennan's new girlfriend is so evil she makes the evil queen from snow white look like mother Theresa 
Heather says she was helping Hughie 
Ya by pouring him a drink and putting it in his hand 

Now that's it for this week
Hope you all have a great weekend and if anyone has any tv recommendations
Please let me know