Friday, September 25, 2020

Update 26th September

Welcome to another Tadhg TV takeover 

So it is my pleasure to hand you over to Hallie and little Tommy Commons.

My name is Hallie Commons. I am 8 years old. I will be 9 next month. One of my favourite programmes on Netflix is called  “Nailed It”. It’s a baking show, the contestants make cakes and whoever “Nails it” and makes the best cake wins the money.

When I am allowed to, I love to watch a YouTube channel called “Funnell Vision” They are a family and they upload videos of themselves every day. They live in America and they go on lots of trips like Hawaii, Disney World and Legoland. I like watching to see what they get up to. My favourite singer and dancer is JoJo Siwa and I also love Hannah Montana.

I am Tommy and I am 6 years old. I like watching “Sponge Bob SquarePants”. SpongeBob lives under the sea. Patrick is his best friend and Squidward is also his friend. SpongeBob works in the Crusty Crab he makes Crabby Patties and cleans up and he chats to Squidward over the counter. SpongeBob is a funny show because he is a sponge and he can suck up water and change his body into different shapes like triangles and squares.

My favourite movie is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This movie is about a little boy and his family. They are poor. He buys a Wonka bar with money that he found in the snow. He wins a golden ticket inside the Chocolate bar. He gets to go to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory tour, inside the factory it is weird and wonderful. The other kids who won the tour were bad children and end up in bad places. At the end Charlie was the best child and gets to live in the factory happily ever after.

As you can see the kids did a fantastic job ... Well done ... 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Update 19th September


This week Emmet Sheerin and Sennan Sheerin are taking over blog 

• Seenan is first 

Henry Danger

It's about a kid who gets a job becuase he needs money and he wants money so he gets a job in junk and stuff and then he says "can I get a job here",  and someone says go to the back  and up and down on an elevator, and he made someone who is listening to music with headphones on, and he reveals a secret  and says he is Captain man and that he wants a sidekick  and the kids choose as the sidekick 

Pets United

Pets United is about a dog that becomes a stray because he loses his owner, because he's on a leash and then he is pulling on it and the leash snaps,, when do dog becomes a stray he has to steal food to survive but there are robot police, and he always OutRuns  them and at the end of the movie he finds his owner again. 

• And Emmets choices are

Gravity falls
Disney plus 

Basically  2 twins Dipper and Mebal, move to Oregon to a place called Gravity Falls to live with their eccentric uncle Stan who runs a tourist shop called Mystery Shack, Dipper finds an old book in the forest, it  has a bunch of weird manuscripts and that like how to defeat zombies and stuff, so he goes back to the shack and starts feeling he is being watched by something meanwhile, Mabel gets a boyfriend for some reason and Dipper is convinced that he is a zombie so he starts spying on them he thinks he is beaten until he sees  in a video the dudes hands fall off and you pick them up and he has to put them back on. 

Avengers infinity wars.
Disney plus 

It starts off with Thor  and the Asgardians on a ship they got at the end of Ragnarok, and then Thanos  comes on and slaughters like all of them
Hulk tries to be beaten up but Thanos ends up destroying Hulk. He ends up killing Loki and Thor ends up floating in space
At the end Thanos ends up snapping  his fingers with all the infinity stones and everybody turns to dust. 

Bendi and the ink machine
Different console

You play as an old animator called Henri Stein, he goes back to his old friends Joey dreams animation studio and then you'll see some weird machine called the ink machine

You gather six or seven up objects and then you power and the ink machine and then you go over but the area it's in is boarded up Jessi the character Bendi is trying to leap out at you but the board stop him

The pipes floating inks start leaking and bursting and then you go to the end of us fall down on the floor and then you're in chapter two

And then you see everyone's favourite character Sammy Lawrence you do one of the best puzzles in the game you escape that weird Bendi again and see some character called Borris the wolf

He follows you around in chapter 3

Emmet normally play for 20-minutes every day and his  a bit stuck on the boss fight at the end of Chapter 4 


As you can see the boys did a brilliant job, ... Well done lads