Sunday, January 20, 2019

Update 20th January

Virgin media 8pm
The Voice UK
Yes the proper singing show is back the singers are not judged on their sob story or indeed what they look like but solely on their voice.

BBC 1 9pm
Les Miserables
Another Sunday evening another top class BBC drama. This is very well done with a great cast but too be honest I prefer Les Battersby 

This is one of my absolute favorite tv shows 
It's about Jim Gordon a police office in Gotham city which is also home to a young Bruce Wayne, along with a well and wonderful selection of villains from a young Penguin to a young Mr Freeze. Its a quality show. 

Carrick Cinema
Stan and Ollie
This is going to be fantastic it's everyone's favourite double act Laurel and Hardy doing a tour of the uk and Ireland which saw  ill health and a few fine messes now if you have not seen a  laurel and hardy feature in a while they are all available for free on YouTube I couldn't recommend a short called Laughing Gravy highly enough. Its a comedy masterclass.

Network 2
The fellas with the long horns are back
Its a brilliant show and all filmed in Bray