Sunday, February 22, 2015

Update 21st February

Saturday 21/02/2015

Ant and Dec Saturday night Takeaway  7pm UTV
its back the most entertaining show on TV think Noel's house party minus Mr Blooby

Sunday 22/02/2014

WWE Fastlane 1am SKY 1
Now just to confirm my favorite sport is actually WWE which is of course world wrestling entertainment
so its is usually that its live on sky 1 as oppose to sky sports 1  featuring john Cena 'the big show' Kane and Daniel Bryan  to name just several.

Monday 23/02/2015

Broadchurch 10pm tv3
well this is the last episode of the current series and it will explain all  and tie up any loose ends.

Tuesday 24/02/2015

The Originals 10pm Sci Fi
Its a funny name for a show that is actually a spin off well its better that the orginal show so I reckon its the orginal and the best.

Wednesday  25/02/2015

The Brit Awards 2015
Its the British music night of the year with awards live performances and presented by ant and Dec.

Thursday 26/02/2015

Don't tell the bride 9pm Network 2
Well this is a TV show where the groom organized the whole wedding and is given a budget.
It should be called dont tell bride he made an absolute mess of it.

Friday 27/02/2015

Bear Grylls Mission Survive Tv3 9pm
So in this show Bear brings so called celebrity's to Costa Rica
Its more "I'm a non-entity" than "I'm a celebrity"



Well it was a live week and 2 people died. so it was little Bobby Beale that killed Lucy. Hang on did the Simpsons not do this much better when Maggie shot Mr Burns!!

Coronation  Street 

Another middling week for Corrie highlights including Owen's ex wife arriving at his doorstep after 20 years what I don't understand is how did she marry Owen in the first place. The actor who plays Owen is not great to be fair and to be honest he is cruel bad.

Fair City

well Junior is deaf apparently now to be fair if I have to listen to Wayne all day I would probably be deaf as well.

Well  that's is for this week ... Enjoy your week as always 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Update 15th February

Saturday14/02/2015, RTE1, 8.20 pm

The Million Euro Challenge
Well if staying in Valentines night it's  not bad enough in an effort to improve the show they are getting celebritys to pair with the contestants including Marty Morissery. Now I never though I would ever be typing this but come back Winning Streak all in forgiven.

Sunday 15/02/015

Dragons Den,  BBC 2, 9 pm
This show is not as good as it used to be, I am afraid I'm out.

Monday  16/02/2015

Hey Ho Lets Go, Network 2 10.30 PM
This is like an Irish version of Never Mind the Buzzcocks the  only difference is this is not funny in the slightest.

Tuesday 17/20/3015

The Simpsons, Network 2, 6 pm
well I love the Simpsons  especially the old ones where Bart has a million spikes and the voices sound nothing like they do now and the drawing is a bit all over the place.

Wednesday 18/02/2015

The Great Comic Relief Bake Off, BBC 1, 8 pm
What is better then the bake off  ...yes its Celebrity Bake Off including  Gok Wan and Johnathan Ross.

Thursday 19/02/2015

Jason Byrne's Snaptastic Show, TV3, 9pm
If there is one thing I love more then comedy its  a decent Irish comedy. This show looks very promising.

Friday 20/02/2015

Gogglebox, Channel 4, 9 pm
Yes its back the best show on TV. Its like a real life version of the Royle Family. The idea of the show in simple, different people watch the same TV show at the same time. Its good craic  and exactly what you want on a Friday night.



So Belle Dingle started talking to herself. I know Sam Dingle is not the most intelligent of people but that's going a bit to far..

Coronation Street

Dev has an impossible decision to make ... Julie or Mary. Its a very tough choice like


So this is the big week in the Square where we finally find out  what  kind of wig Barbara Windsor will wear in her blink and you will miss it return to the show,   also  the murderer is revealed but here's a clue ... its Cindy Beale !!!

Fair City

So this week one of the Bishops returned I wonder those this hark the comeback of the mother of all bishops Vivienne who of course is played by Mary Harney.

One final comment about Ronan O'Gara on the Late Late  I mean  I'm  surprised anyone was watching the Late Late in the first place... .

Until next week happy viewing ...

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tadhg TV highlights from 07/02

Saturday  07/02 

RBS 6 nations 14.30
Ireland take on  Italy. I'm sure you all be cheering on the boys in greens  and answering Ireland's call...p

Sunday 08/02

Top Gear
bbc2 8.00
the boys are surely back in town and just to confirm I am definitely not the stig

Monday 09/02

The walking dead
9.00 fox
Yes indeed the zombies with the personality of a certain presenter on RTE who presents a show on a Friday  night and that rte show will never be mentioned on this page ever again.

Tuesday 10/02

The Flash
sky one 8.00
Another show back from a break. Its a show based on a comic book but its very well done and the effects are unreal as well. the show is certainly not a flash in the pan.

Wednesday 11/02

Peoples debate with Vincent Browne
10pm tv3
Now this wound be a good show if the guests manage get a word in with Mr Browne

Thursday  12/02 

sky one 8 pm
This show is great as well its also a show based on a DC comic book. Great story lines and great casting.

Friday 13/02

The Graham Norton Show
bbc 1 10.35
after a long week at work . you want a good laugh and great guests . well you certainly cannot go  far wrong with Graham who came such a long way from the first time he burst onto our screens in FR Ted



Well its full of drama this week with Stan Carter trying to give him poison  and I dont mean the brekkie from the cafe so Mick won't give it to him perhaps because  he wanted  to  give it to Dean


Well weddings never go smoothly but  this time they got married but the groom killed someone minutes beforehand !!

Fair City

Well its so bad its good

Coronation street

Les Dennis is having an operation hopefully its a brain transplant ahead of Gail Platt who's mother is a hairdresser but yet she had hair like ET

That's its from me for this week - all the very best and happy viewing