Friday, April 29, 2016

Update 30th April

Saturday bbc1 7pm.

Michael McAntyre big show.

Saturday night is the best night for tv and the BBC have given the cheeky chappie himself a show with lots of laughs and crack!

Sunday tv3 9pm.
Trial of the century.
Promising show about what would have happened if the leaders of 1916 were put to trial it's staring nidge from love/hate ' I was looking forward to it until we found out mr personality Pat The plank Kenny is presenting !

Monday bbc 2 7pm
Final of the world championship to finish up a bank holiday weekend. Watching 2 men potting balls!

TuesdaySky Atlantic 10 pm.
Penny dreadful.
This show is back with a bang with all your old favourites and it's filmed in Ireland so look out for a few familiar names in the credits including a tough Mucker from Boyle!

Wednesday. Network 2
Champions league live 7:30
Man city are playing the real deal from Spain now if they lose I hope a certain famous mam city fan won't be looking back in anger!

Thursday BBC 2 9pm.
Peaky Blinders
Brilliant tv show set in Birmingham after the war. Ireland's own Killian Murphy is playing a blinder as the star of the show Thomas Shelby.

Friday Carrick cineplex
Captain America Civil war
This will be the best movie of the summer! It's already supposed to be marvels best movie yet! It's featuring all your favourite marvel superhero's fighting one another and it's going to be MARVELious!

Tigers soapy bits

Fair city. Well let's put it this way Captain America and ironman were not the only one going at it hammer and thongs this week! Tommy Dillon is an old romantic with setting like a hotel bedroom and a toilet cubical been used! CLASSY

Eastenders. When you see Phil Mitchell smiling you know it's his fallen off the wagon again! Jay is in court for been with a minor and as you know nothing like that would ever happen at the bcc!!!! Right that's it for the week. Hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend! Tiger

Friday, April 22, 2016

Update 23rd April

Happy Days and Welcome to the wonderful world of Tadhg TV.

Saturday BBC1 4:50
FA Cup Semi Finals.
My beloved Man United are playing an under pressure. Everton plus fans of Doctor Who would want to watch the match as during the half time show there will be an announcement about Doctor Who companion!

Sunday Dave 11pm
Park and Recreation
This is a hidden gem of a comedy about a council office in a small town in America it features one of the funniest characters I ever seen in a comedy Mr Ron Swanson

Monday Sky Atlantic 9pm
Game Of Thrones.
It's back the biggest and best show on the box it's an epic hybrid of Lord of the Rings and the sSopranos.

Tuesday. e4. 9pm
Rush Hour
Yet another TV show based on a movie! Well the movie was very much I assume the TV show should be too!

Wednesday network 2 7pm
Champions League live.
Another great night in Europe for football fans It should be a good one

Thursday Network 2 9:30
First Dates Ireland
Irish version of the hit Channel 4 show I been what's more awkward then a first date! A first date seen by a couple of thousands people!

Friday BBC2 10pm
Two doors down!
A Scottish sitcom which is on a per with Rab C Nesbit! It's good ever If you have to put on the subtitles the odd time!

That's is for this week! Enjoy your weekend

Friday, April 15, 2016

Update 15th April

Saturday. Tv3 8pm.
Britain's got talent.
The granddaddy of them all is back were people come into a stage and you don't have a clue what they are going to do just look at Susan Boyle if you can stomach it!

Sunday 9:30
Dragons den!
Yes the Dragons are back but I prefer the dragons on Game of Thrones to be honest!

Monday. E4 9pm
The show about a music dynasty is back but there is still a big question to be answered who will take over the empire.

Tuesday. Sky Atlantic 9pm
The Tunnel.
Drama set in the Channel tTnnel is back for another season which is good because for a Sky original show it is quite watchable

Wednesday. Rte1 9:35
The Hangover part 3.
This swan song for one of the funniest trilogy in modern cinema is brilliant! You will all have a laugh at the wolf pack!

Thursday Itv2 10pm
Celebrity Juice
This is one of my guilty pleasures it's a quiz show but it's more about Keith Lemon's interaction with the guests when the actually quiz but this is what makes it sooo funny!

Friday. BBc1 9pm
Have I got news for you.
This is like mock the week for grown up! It's funny and ya learn something as well! 

I don't know what happened to Ben Mitchell I mean what he first arrived I though he was Harry Potter! He tried to kill Phil this week He should have just given him a bottle of vodka and leave him to it!

That's it for the week just to say all the best to Michael Lavin and Paula Brady on their upcoming wedding this weekend!

Enjoy your week. Tige

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Update 2nd April

Welcome to another edition of tadhg tv

Saturday BBC1 - 6:10
Can't touch this
New Saturday night Show from the BBC. I hope it wouldn't be renamed 'Can't watch this'

Sunday box office - midnight
Yes it's the highlight in the wrestling year.  At least there wouldn't be rumours of match fixing because all the matches will be fixed!

Monday RTE 2 - 9pm
Yes the men with the long horns are back again and it's all filmed in Ireland as you know! 

Tuesday Universal - 9pm
Bates motel
Young Norman Bates is back and he got worse ...  in fact some might say he is a phycho. 

Wednesday BBC2 - 10pm
Mock the week
This satirical show is back it's not the same without Frankie Boyle but everyone knows with Boyle it's better!

Thursday Sky - 9pm
Colony New sci fi show which looks good on paper anyways

Friday BBC1 - 9pm
Bloomers the old comics are back think last of the summer wine but a little more lively which isn't saying much really!


Don't know which is worse Linda Carter's singing or the Abi Branning storyline with mental Ben! Phil Mitchell is the best drunk on TV since Father Jack in father Ted!

Home and Away
How did a certain Summer Bay resident find out who killed his mother? Answer. Hunter! 

That's it for this week enjoy your week