Friday, May 29, 2015

Update 29th May

Saturday 30/05/2015
FA cup final - bbc 1 17.30 
A bit of football for your Saturday they are making a day of it on the BBC from 12 pm with football focus I hope I can remain focused for the match.

Sunday 31/05/2015
Britain's got talent - itv 7.30
There was so many auditions - from talking dogs to sword wielding kids from the north but the real winner here is the phone company when the viewer vote for their favorite acts.

Monday 01/7/2015
Off your rockets - 21.30 itv
Well new episodes of  the best hidden camera show on tv at the moment.  The promise is a show where old people do pranks on unsuspecting members of the public with hilarious consequences 

Tuesday 02/07/2015
The Middle - comedy central  21.00
This American sitcom is  back and as funny as  ever its about a family in middle America and how they interact with one another. Its modern family without the really silly stuff.

Wednesday 03/07/2015
Bob Nonkhouse  million joke man - gold 9 pm
Gold have started a new series focusing on this legendary comic now think Jimmy Carr but likable

Thursday 04/07/2015
Banshee - sky Atlantic 10 pm
This show is class it has the best fight scenes on any tv I ever saw and that includes Eastenders 

Friday 05/07/3025 
Mrs Brown's boy -  bbc 1  9.30
Friday nights are all about having a laugh and I know we have seen all the episodes before but its a real test of how popular the show is when they are showing repeats at 9.30 on a Friday night.


Coronation Street
So was a big week this week for the street another Britain's got talent live week another fire in the street, so Leanne  was the first to see the flames and is the only  business person I know who doesn't have a  phone on them. 

Well Ronnie is out of hospital  and found about the affair of course lead charlie to stating she have an affair when she was in a hospital if could she was in a single room not a 5 bedded ward,

That's it for this week ... hope everyone enjoys the weekend and enjoys a Miller 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Update 23rd May

Welcome to tadhg tv 
Saturday 23/05/2015

eurovision bbc 1 8 PM
As we all never by now ireland got nothing ' no points' nothing there either I'm afraid on Thursday night qualifiers it is still worth a look if only for the class comments by Graham Norton  who is a perfect replacement for Terry Wogan.

Sunday 24/05/2015
match of the day bbc1 10.30 pm
Its the final day of the premiership  so this is the special edition of the footie highlights which I'm sure will also include an appearance by the special one.

Monday  25/03/2015
marvel avengers assumable  bbc 1 8pm
Well this is a comic book film but the difference is that there is an assembly of heroes from iron man to the incredible hulk and it is a smash. 

Tuesday 26/05/2015r 
Britain's got talent semi finals 7.30 tv3
Its live week in the biggest show of the  week. I remember I watched it last year and it created a new catchphrase for Ant and Dec which was and "now time for a commercial break" 

Wednesday 27/05
Europa league Final  7. 30 3e
Coverage presented by the scream team of Kevin Kilbane and Brian kerr 

Thursday 28/05/2015  
only  fools and horses  5.30 pm gold 
An absolute classic sitcom and its a classic episode. They certainly to this standard any more 

Friday  29/05
american Gangster  9.35 network 2
My man Frank Locas is the main Character in this  brilliant movie about 2 and a 1/2 hours long and chapters the rise of Frank and his family as they gain control of New York's Narcotics  supply.

So Kat and Alfie are moving and hey are heading to Ireland. Well with Kat's sense of style & fondness of a few drinks and her attitude to life she would certainly fit in anyways 

Coronation street
To coincide with the live week in talent corrie is on everyday this week with story lines including a fire again and a wedding.

enjoy your week.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Update 16th May

Welcome to another week of Tadhg TV

Saturday 16th of may
Alan Partridge  Alpha Papa 9.20 bbc2
Alan partridge is back but this time his is hitting the big screen but he is still not a patch on Joe Finnegan .

Sunday  17th of may 
Jonathan strange and Mr Norrell 9 pm bbc 1
Another fantasy about magicians I hope they can magic up  some ratings 

Monday 18th of may 
Games of Thrones  9 pm sky Atlantic
Things are hotting up with last week marking the beginning of the summer with the barbecuing starting.

Tuesday  19th of may.
Benefit Street channel 4 9 PM 
The return of the show which at this stage could be filmed in any town in Ireland 

Wednesday 20th of may 
Tyrant 10.50 rte 2 
This is a show where a son has to leave  America and  return home on the request of his power hungry father who is leader of the country and it is not set in Ireland during the 80s. 

Thursday 21th of may 
Eurovison    semi final  8 pm  rte 2
Yes its that time of the year again. eurovison is all about different and unique acts. the madder the better so I reckon we should send Linda Martin again.

Friday  22th of may 
8 out of 10 cats do countdown  9 pm channel 4
This is a brilliant hybrid of a  comedy show and a quiz so and it is lssac.(solve it)

that's all for this week 

back to normal next week guys 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Update 8th May

welcome to Tadhg TV 

Saturday 09/05/2015
Britain's  got talent 8 pm itv  
This is the best  all round entertainment show on tv. like hypnotizing dogs and Susan Boyle. I mean Ryan Tubridy would make everyone sleep in a matter of minutes if he did aninterview on stage. 

Sunday 10/05/2015
The Speech 9.30  RTE1
This show about people  overcoming their fear of public speaking actually sound alright to the point I read Gerald Keane was the tutor.

Monday 11/05/2015
Episodes bbc2 10 PM 
New season of the Matt la blanc sitcom where he showed his is a good sport by playing a parity of himself as a down on his luck actor dealing with script writers and network executives. its  very funny stuff

Tuesday  12/05/2015
Big Brother tv3 10 pm 
TV 3 are scraping the bottom of the barrel showing Big Brother. The only thing the contestants talk about for the 3 months they are in there is their favorite topic ... themselves.

Wednesday  13/05/2015 
Nashville  10PM  E4
this is back for its 3rd season this week its background is the country music scene in nashville.  It is basically Dallas with singing in it. 

Thursday 14/05/2015
2 broke girls  8 pm E4
A rare american comedy that is actually funny - set in a bakery with a good cast and good one liners 

Friday  15/05/2015
a League of their own  sky 1  9PM
The best sports panel show on tv that is certainly in a league of its own with good guests and good banter.


Fair City
Now I admit I'm now a great cook lets face it I burn water but even I know not to leave a saucepan on and leave the house like Jackie did.

So Kat  and Alfie won a  million pounds  now how many leopard print coats will she be able to buy with that.

Coronation Street 
Not much happening here bar the fact David told Max never to  answer the phone but of courase he answered the phone straight away.

Thats it was this week 


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Update 2nd May

Welcome to the bank holiday weekend ...

Saturday 02/05
Dredd channel 4 10 PM 
This of course is the film based on the iconic 200 AD comic strip Judge Dredd  which of course is completely different to the feeling of dread ya get when you hear "and coming up next on RTE the late late show"

Sunday  03/05
who do you think you are   rte 1  9.30pm 
this is  good  episode of the tv which sees Mrs Brown himself track his family history in Dublin. he sure is the local lad done good.

Monday 04/05
Game of thrones sky Atlantic 9PM
The awkward moment when you at a wedding and either the groom is  poisoned or  all the family is killed off after the reception. its a great show with great storylines , great actors and great looking actresses 

Tuesday 05/05
Penny Dreadful  sky Atlantic  10,00 PM 
For a show with dreadful in the title its really good. its filmed in Dublin and had a great cast. 

Wednesday 06/05
Car Share bbc 1 9.30pm 
Peter Kay is back and on top form with this new sitcom. each episode  is basically 2 people commuting to work but the script is class. its very hard to beat a proper good BBC sitcom that are far superior than any of the US stuff 

Thursday 07/05
Shark  bbc 1 8,55 pm
Wildlife show about sharks. I never understood why Jaws got so many of his victims in the films.  I mean did they not hear the music when he was approaching like we all did.

Friday 08/05
Fawlty Towers 6.50 PM
One of my favorite  Sitcoms of all time. An all time classic with  something for everyone.


This week saw Stacey giving Kat slater relationship advice now bearing in mind that's the same Stacey who slept with her Father-in-law the morning of her wedding. 

Coronation Street 
Nick has to choose between Erika  and Carla now that's Carla the former alcoholic who now has a drink in nearly every scene she is in unknown to everyone possibly  even the script writers

Fair City
So Bob Charles's nephew has arrived and in soaps fashion it ends up he is actually his son. Now i must admit Bob is my favorite character in  the show  because he is played by  the only credible actor in it!!