Saturday, November 26, 2016

Update 26th November

Welcome to Tadhg tv gang
Here are  this week's TV highlights and one or 2 lowlights too

BBC  1 7pm  Strictly
Well it's Saturday night so it's time to be entertained and it's 2 dances tonight's  so there will be a lot of (Ed)balls

RTE 1 Know the score 8:30
If you remember know your sport you know the score about this new sports quiz

Monday 9:35
Joe Dolan
I said I would include this programme as you all know there is no show like a Joe Show!

Sky action 8pm
The force awakens
Before you all skywalk your way to see the new star wars movie in the cinema in a few weeks!  I recommend you force yourself to watch this cracker of a movie you will not be disappointed!

Syfy 10pm
The Exorcist
This is based on the hit horror movie well I'll tell you one thing the standard of acting in it is horrific

Thursday  9pm
The Young Pope
In this show Jude law is appointed pope who all father ted fans know is gods representative in earth!  a young pope  these days would be a man in his 70s

BBC 1 9:30
Walliams and Friends
National treasure David (i'm a lady) Walliams is back on tip top form with sketches guests and fun! Proper good old fashioned comedy


Coronation Street
I wonder will Les Dennis be buried or cremated our survey says.
Tracey was surprised that Daniels mother Denise was not in his flat I wasn't be sure I knew she was married to Zak Dingle in emmerdale.
Pat was pheelan guilty and confessed to all so come on Eileen get rid.

Phil Mitchell actually smiled in EastEnders tonight and it wasn't because he spotted a bottle of vodka.
Lee and Whitney's marriage is on the rocks well a marriage for a month in EastEnders is some achievement ...Patrick displayed he was a true man

That's it for this week
Stay in out of the cold and have a hot whiskey on the cold night but don't drink it straight Peter Barlow style
All the best

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Update 19th November

Welcome one and all to Tadhg TV 

Itv 8,pm
The X Factor 
This is the perfect Saturday night TV show but who would have thought that Honey G still in the computation is not  the biggest shock result of  the year 

BBC 8pm
Planet Earth 2 
This is real treat presented by the legend himself ! Class scenery and class animals what more would ya want!

BB2 10pm
Two Doors Down 
This is season  2 of this great Scottish comedy remember for subtitles press 888

Monaco vs Spurs 
This is the big  one I am Kane to see how Spurs get on this week

E4 8:30
The Big  Bang Theory
One of the best sitcoms is back  in this new season and all the gang are in great form especially the main  man himself Sheldon

BBC 8pm
Who do you think you are 
It's show is back again and the opening episode is Dwyer but it will be good

Rte 1 8:30
Pat Shortts entertainment from d'telly
Pat is trawling the rte vault's to bring you the best crack from all the rte show so obviously Ryan Tubs will not feature

Mas leave the square and said to Jane to be happy and her married to Ian beale! 
Lee Carter is under pressure but he is married for a full week which is some achievement in 

Amy was getting ready for the school nativity and asked Ronnie and Roxy what a
virgin is! The 2 girls looks at one another because non of them could remembe

That's it for this week 
All the best 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Update 11th November

Sky Arts  9pm
The 50th annual cmas
Well anyone working 9 to 5 will watch this!

Itv 9pm
I'm a Celebrity
Well  the celebrities  are in Oz and the it's going to be a good one for sure ! I love  the bush tucker triials and the real stars are the cheeky chappy themselves ant and dec I was asked to go in it but they couldn't afford me!

Network ,2 
Bridget and Eamon
It's back to the 80s with these two they are great crack and full of Irish humour & everyone who remembers the 80s in Ireland will be able to connect to it

Sky hits
Independence Day 
Here is an absolute classic movie about what would happen if aliens tried to invade earth well they would probably take one look at Trump and take pity on us

The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon
Well this is a nightly US chat show which  shown in the UK the night after its on in the States with proper good guest stars and fun games! It's better crack then the Late Late!

Legends of Tomorrow 
This is a super show featuring loads of super heroes. It's the best comic book based show on tv at the moment and the world  could do with a superhero or  the moment


BBC one 7 pm
Children In Need
Annual telethon which will not be the same without the legend that is Terry Wogan,!

That's it for this  week 
All the best 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Update 5th November

Welcome to another Tadhg tv the place to be

Saturday RTE 1 6:35
This is supposed to be one of the best kids film ever made and it's full of the best of British actors so you will have bear with I!

Sunday RTE 1 6:35
Ireland's Fittest Family
Well I was going to apply for this myself but I felt out of breath walking from the sofa to the car so I decided against it.

Monday Network 2 10:30
Rubber Bandits Guide
This new comedy featuring Limerick's finest it will be good crack when they were in the studio they were not allowed to bring animals in, so do they had to leave the horse outside,!

Tuesday 9:30
Living with Lucy
This week one of Ireland's top comedians graces us with his presence I wonder who it will be!

Wednesday 10pm
Crazy Heads
This is a brilliant comedy it reminded me a lot of my favourite tTV show Misfits

Thursday 9:30
Anchorman 2
This is the fun sequel to the hit movie find out how Ron and the gang get on when they start working for a 24 hour news network

Friday 8:30
Citizen Khan
This hit sitcom is back and in top form it's a proper good old fashion sitcom with lots of laughs


It's been a big week on the square Lee and Whitney are getting married and in true EastEnders fashion it will all end happy ever after Ben was upset when Phil wrote him out of the will but then what's 100% of nothing

That's Its for this week
All the best Tiger