Monday, July 31, 2017

Update 31st July

Welcome to another Tadhg tv

Saturday 29th
BBC 1 8:55
Medical drama where there is never a dull moment,  they were going to make an Irish version of it but decided it wouldn't work because all is would show is a number of patients on trolleys.

Sunday 30th
Network 2 4pm
Well this is the big one we will all get behind the Rossies and of course the Boyle lads will do us proud as always

Monday 31st
Sky Atlantic 9pm
Game of Thrones
Bit of a slow start but I'm sure things will be hotting up soon especially when the dragons become involved in proceedings

Tuesday August 1st
Carrick Cinema
War of the Planet of the Apes
No monkeying around here plenty of action. I really enjoyed the movie. The monkeys have far better actors then some of the Human cast

UTV 9pm
Long Lost Family
This is a brilliant show but so emotional the last time I was so upset watching a tv show was when I heard Ryan Tubby's contract has been renewed

Jessica Jones
Great show based on a Marvel comic book great action and cast. As I mentioned before there has never been a better time to be a comic book fan

E Midnight
Tonight with Jimmy Fallon
My favourite of all the American chat show with sketches, songs  great guests and of course a great opening monologue 

Now I thought Ray Darcy was doing a monologue on his first Saturday night show back in October 2015 and I'll still waiting for the punchline. Remember the tonight show is shown on E the night after its shown in the states so it's only a day behind.

That's it for this week
Up the Rossies

Monday, July 10, 2017

Update 10th July

Welcome one and all to tadhg tv

Sky sports 1 8 am
I for one will be very disappointed if the lions lose, not because I'm a big Rugby fan but because I am getting up to watch them at 8am on a Saturday morning

Rte 2 2pm
The Sunday Game
This is another day out for the mighty Rossies on the way to the all Ireland final in September

3e 9pm
Love Island
Now the commentary on this is brilliant I realize that me saying I watch Love Island
For the commentary is a bit like saying I watch Game of Thrones for the scenery

Carrick Cinema
Spiderman homecoming
Went to see this last night it was fantastic you will enjoy it if you go to it

Channel 4 10pm
The Windsors
Well another season of this comedy based on the royal family. Remember - Life is stranger than fiction

Faulty Towers
There are classic comedies you can watch over and over again. This comedy based in Torquay is certainly one of them.

BBC 1 9pm
Peter Kay Comedy Shuffle 
The legendary peter Kay is back with a new series of classic comedy cuts now last week they showed a clip of peter been interviewed by the long string of misery on the late late show and the host  was as much craic as a bout of food poisoning but peter was brilliant as always.


Fair City
Dermot handed himself in I think he is been arrested for multiple charges of seriously bad acting.

A new family landed and the mother makes Shirley Carter look like Alexis Carrington.
Steven has placed a tracker on Lauren but he could be watching worst he could be watching this daft storyline dragging on and on.

Coronation Street
So Kevin Webster is having another affair with the actress who played Kim Tate in Emmerdale.
It's hard to keep up with all the actors leaving one soap to bigger and better things only to show up in another soap less then a year later.

That's it for this week 
Hope you all have a great weekend

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Update 1st July

This week' s tadhg tv is done in the best possible taste as always 

Rte 2 4.30 pm
The Saturday game
This is the big one Mayo taking on Derry
Mayo will be a able for Derry's wall of defense.

Bbc 1 9pm
It must be great weather with the men running around shirtless!

BBC 2 9pm
Ripper street
This show set in Victorian London is back with a bang with great storylines and actors!

BBC 1 9pm
Great show where Sean Bean plays a priest it's a bit unrealistic because it one scene he was saying mass and the church was packed.

Sky Atlantic 9pm
Game of Thrones
The best show on tv is coming back soon and to kick things off it's showing the best scenes so far I can't wait to see the best pair of dragons on TV!

It's time to get the watch some smashing tennis over the next few weeks

This fantastic show is back  of course it's based on a comic but its one of the best shows on tv at the moment.


Robbie Jackson is BACK I remember Robbie was the only soap character who's dog was a better actor then they were
Derek had a big secret I though it was he used to be involved in the best comedies every made and is now reduced to a bit role in a soap the STUPID boy
Dot fell in the house and was found my Sonya (ray of sunshine) Jackson if I was found by Sonya I would shout is there anyone else there.

Coronation street
Pat Phelan  has now discovered he is a father it might mellow him but there is better more of a chance of Gail Platt getting a decent haircut.
Eva was upset when she found out Aidan was having an affair with Maria now it could be worst he could have been having one with Rita.

Fair City
Great storyline this week including ...
Return of doormat  who thinks someone was  following him when he was on the run I doubt it was anyone from Hollywood looking for him anyways
Robbie and the legendary Carol are the best thing on Fair City but saying that its easily done!

That's it for this week
Enjoy the weekend