Sunday, January 19, 2020

Update 19th January

Utv 7pm 
The Masked Singer 
Well this is a reality show with a difference in that all the celebrity singers are wearing full costumes, for example, a unicorn so we don't know who they are and even more not even the judges know until the end of the show when the contestant reveals themselves upon being voted out.

BBC 1 7.10
Doctor Who
This is certainly a tadhg TV favorite now it was on last year and I was confused because I thought there was no one playing doctor in the show but then in the last episode, I finally copped there was a female doctor and I must admit she is a very good doctor too.  The legend Bradley Walsh is in it as well ...Will the doctor and gang escape the Daleks? Well, the chase is on.

Utv 9pm
Cold Feet 
We are spoiled for choice this week with the return of the  hot  90s comedy and they all good the same as they did 30 years ago especially Jimmy Nesbitt's hair

Network 2 9pm 
The Godfather of Harlem 
This is a brand new show about the rise of Bumpy Johnston. Who of course was the predesaser to the American gangster himself Frank Locus

RTE 1 9.35
Operation Transformation 
Great show encouraging people to get fit. I doubt even Harry Potter would have difficulty 
transforming me at this stage 

BBC 1 9pm 
Death in Paradise 
Ardel O'Hanlon is back for the start of this new run of fun in the sun 
I enjoy this show because its  a good laugh

Gavin and Stacey 
After watching the sitcom's  extremely well-recieved return on Christmas Day I thought I would watch some of the earlier episodes and they are priceless even with James Corden in them. 
That's it for this week

All the very best