Monday, December 21, 2015

Update 21st December

Monday BBC 1 3:50 pm. shrek 2 brilliant one liners brilliant cast brilliant movie tv bbc1 9pm. john bishop. No Bashing of the bishop joke as I think he is a very funny comic

Tuesday film 4 9pm Ted. this is a Class movie about a teddy bear who come to life but when his owner grows up so those ted and this film like myself is not for the easily offended bbc2 9pm were doomed the dad's army story! New docudrama about how one of the greatest bbc comedies ever made came to life!

Wednesday Rte1 3:35. home alone 2 now this is a Christmas classic about a little boy lost in New York and as if that's not bad enough he runs into 2 faces from the past! channel 4 10:30 father ted Christmas special ah Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without this all time classic!

Christmas Eve Network 2 7:15 man of steel if your waiting for Santa to arrive that is no better way to while away the hours it's very well done and the effects are great! bbc1 10:05 Walliams and friends modern comedy legend David Walliams returns to comedy in this sketch show it's going to be good I'd say

Christmas Day 5:05 rte1 brave no better way to rest after the dinner then watching this cartoon about a Scottish girl featuring the vocal talents of Mr Billy Connolly bbc1 9:45 mrs browns boys Christmas Special! Open the tin of roses and watch the mother of all comedy's

St. Stephen's Day Rte1 5pm the hobbits an unexpected journey! Prequel to The Lord of the rings if you kids want to watch it and your not to fussed at least you will enjoy the scenery in New Zealand Bbc1 6:10 Shuan the sheep Shuan had a big year firstly staring in a movie and now he is in a new animation where the farmers invests in ..... Wait for it lamas!

Sunday tv3 8pm. the amazing spider man. the biggest swinger in town is back with a bang in this all action film bbc1 10;25. Catherine Tate's nan the always irrelevant sweary nan is back on our screens with the first of 2 Christmas shows!

Monday Network 2 8:15 marvels the avengers this is awesome all your favourite comic heroes in one big movie channel 4 9pm gogglebox 2015 so it's been a good year for tv check out what the goggleboxers make of it all In this review of all the best comments from some of the funniest people on tv

Tuesday network 2 9;20. the dark knight rises brilliant batman movie including a great turn by Tom Hardy as Bane! channel 4 10pm big fat quiz of the year 2015! Channel 4s annual end of year quiz which is always good for a laugh

Wednesday network 2 9pm ironman . this is one of the funnier comic book movie suitable for all ages! channel 4 7pm. Gogglesprogs well we all laughs at the adults on gogglebox but now it's time for the kids to have their day!

New Year's Eve BBC 1 9:15. mrs browns boys d movie love her or hate her mrs brown is certainly here to stay and this is her big screen outing from last year! network 2 11 pm the rubber bandits guide to 2016 Limericks finest will be giving their predictions for the year ahead.

New Year's Day Billionaire boy 7pm bbc1. National treasure David Walliams is also a kids writer and this is a show based on one of them! bbc 1 9pm Sherlock back which is great even if it is only for one night! That's is for this week and this year.

I would like to finish by saying TV may be good on Christmas Day but turn it off for a while and talk and have a laugh with the people around you because that's what Christmas is all about! 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Update 12th December

Welcome to tadhg tv

Saturday Utv 8pm. X factor final.

It's finally here the final who will join the ranks of the girl who won last year and your man who won the previous year.

Sunday Film 4 9pm. Taken 2 Liam Neeson is back and it's good crack like but I hope they stop after taken 3 because they have taken the movies as far as they can go!

Monday 3e 9pm. Ufc.

McGregor will be on top form and if you don't fancy getting up at 5 am on Sunday morning you can watch it on 3e and another bonus is it is free as well!

Tuesday bbc1 9pm. Luther

It's great to see this great tv show back Luther is brought out of retirement for one last case but if the rating are good he will be back for another one!

Wednesday channel 4 9pm. super-vet

it is a super show about a super vet and he is irish as well

Thursday carrick cinema( hopefully). Star Wars.

I am not going to this solo a few of us are going to skywalk into the cinema together! Yoda be mad not to be looking forward to this movie of the year!

Friday bbc1 8:30. mr khan Xmas special

This is the Christmas show of the brilliant bbc comedy the only thing I didn't think mr khan celebrated Christmas


Telling Phil there is beer is in the fridge is like telling me there is a chocolate cake in the fridge!dots organising a nativity play she is going to find it hard to find 3 wise men!

Coronation street

The storyline of Ken Barlow been love sick is actually Making me sick ! 

That's it from me for this week ... Tiger 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Upate 5th December

Saturday rte 1 21.59.
People of the year award.
This annual show which showcases Irish people who went that extra mile you will notice there are no politicians recognised.

Sunday TCM 9pm.
The hangover Well in this classic comedy 4 friends decide to go on the epic stag to Vegas with epic consequences involving a Tiger and Mike Tyson

Monday network 2
Tested on humans Well this is new Irish tv show featuring 2fm breakfast presenter Keith Walsh I hope it's a success otherwise he might have to be tested on to earn a few euro!

Tuesday 8pm UTV Ireland.
Royal Variety Performance.
This show features performances from the best of British entertainment and of course the winner of Britain's Got Talent if you can remember who won it this year!

Christmas movies channel 7pm
Jingle all the way.
Here's Arnie at his comedy best as an under pressure parent trying to get his son the biggest toy of the year!

Thursday BBC 1 9pm.
BBC Music awards.
This annual look at the biggest songs of the year is presented by Chris Evans and Ferne Cotton. Chris evens is good fun anyways

Friday RTE. 2 8pm.
Brooklyn 911.
This appealing US sitcom is back for a 3rd season! It's very funny and it's not in your face!!!! 

Eastenders. Here's a good one - how do ya know Phil Mitchell is drunk? answer he smiles and starts been nice to everyone! Sharon was told she can pack her bags but the bottle of booze he had in his hand is staying which means he must not have much time for Sharon as there was only a mouthful left in the bottle!

That's in for this week be safe during the storm my advice stay in and make a hot whiskey for yourself!