Saturday, January 30, 2021

Update 30th January

Hello and your very welcome to another tadhg tv take over and this week its

Annie and Tom O'Connor 

Modern family By Annie O’Connor

Modern family is an amazing series of stories with 3 families all related to each other going through a series of events. It’s absolutely hilarious. There are 11 series totaling 250 episodes of about 25 minutes in length. 

The first family is the Pritchetts-Jay, Gloria, Manny, and Joe. Jay is the granddad. He is married to a crazy Columbian woman called Gloria, who has a son called Manny. Jay has three children, 2 of which are adults and have their own children. Jay and Gloria also have a child together called Joe later on in the series.  Jay owns a highly successful wardrobe company. He loves life at the golf club, scotch, and no drama. Unfortunately, his family is full of it.

The next family is the Dunphy’s - Clare, Phil, Haley, Alex, and Luke. Clare is Jay's only daughter and her mother, DD, Jay's ex-wife, is a tough nut. She is into running, drinking white wine, and hard work. She has 2 daughters and 1 son, Haley the eldest girl who is all into partying, Alex the middle child who is the talented ‘brainiac’, and Luke the youngest and the only boy. Phil the Dad of these 3 is a childish real estate agent who loves cheerleading and magic and is great fun.

Then the 3rd family is Mitchell, Cam, and Lily. Mitchell and Cam are a gay couple who adopted a Vietnamese baby called Lily. Mitchell is Jay’s son and his mother is DD. He is the opposite of Jay. Cam is the best character in the whole series. He is a farmer’s son from Missouri and is EXTREMELY funny and dramatic. He is emotional and absolutely brilliant. 

The whole thing is an entertaining masterpiece that is popular worldwide. They have won many awards which just shows how entertaining and delightful this bunch really are. Each episode teaches us a lesson while making us laugh out loud.

Hi everyone it's Tom O’ Connor writing this report on One Piece the Japanese Anime and Manga hope you like my report for Tadhg Tv. G

Gol. D Roger the pirate king, has just been executed. He has left a great treasure behind him called the One Piece. It is across the Grand Line and he says, anyone who can get to it can have it. And so, a race starts, with all the greatest pirates trying to become the Pirate King.

Episode 1

Luffy is the main character of One Piece and is a pirate that wears a straw hat and has a scar under his eye. In the One Piece universe, there are fruits called the devil’s fruits.  Whoever eats these fruits will lose their ability to swim but will gain a special power instead. Luffy has had a guardian called Shanks who was a pirate. One day Shanks went to the bar with his crew and Luffy after they had raided an enemy ship. Shanks had found a devil fruit among the treasures he had found, and showed it to Luffy. Luffy thought Shanks was offering him a fruit to eat so he took it and ate it. The name of the devil fruit he ate was the Gomu-Gomu fruit which makes your entire body rubber. Later on, in the series, we see that Luffy is able to deflect bullets, and he completely immune to bats, clubs, and other blunt objects, because of his rubber power.  His only weakness would be fire, drowning because he can’t swim, or sharp objects.

One Piece is a really enjoyable series that millions across the globe have enjoyed. It is full of adventure and mystery.

Now as you can see the kids did a fantastic job and Tom also did a fantastic drawing of one piece. 

That's it for this week all the best