Saturday, January 30, 2016

Update 30th January

Welcome to tadhg tv anyone who may be offended by anything on tadhg tv
please contact Sean O' Dowd! :-) :-)

Saturday gold 11:30 police squad absolute classic tv show which spawn the legendary naked gun series of films! Nice beaver

Sunday bbc 1 9pm. war and peace! Great show based on a great book but the way the war is going it should be called war and peices

Monday bbc1 22:35 the Tracey Ulman show. Brilliant 80s comic Tracey is back and it's a welcome return with great new characters also the Simpsons made their debut on her US show in the 80s. 

Tuesday bbc 2 9pm the real marigold hotel Show about 8 pensioners who travel to India to see if they could retire out there! One of the above is quiz show king Roy Walker so this show is good but it's not right!

Wednesday sc fi 9pm extant. This is a show is about an astronaut who returns from space and she is not alone! Lads you might not think you will like this but bear in mind Helle Berry is in it!

Thursday itv 9pm Jericho New drama about the building of railways in England in the 1800 it should be full steam ahead for a second season

Friday Channel 4 10pm the last leg down under! I'm delighted to see this show back but with a difference .which is the 3 hosts are doing a tour of Australia it will make for great viewing I'm sure! 

Tiger's soapy bits

Coronation Street.
Rita's upset by sometime on Facebook looks like she found tadhg tv then! Kevin Webster won't believe what Anna and Craig are saying about his business partner he must be hooked on a Phelan Mary's needs glasses she says she was sandwiched between 2 handsome men! Said men are Norris and Brendan

Its hard to watch eastenders on RTE the thought of seeing Shirley Carter in HI definition Is not appealing to me anyways! They could have given Stacey a bottle of vodka to sedate her like philistine Mitchell himself! Phil was covered in Tomatoe Sauce Ian Beale can return from the money off it! Ya know soaps are not reflecting real life when people get a bed straight away when they go into hospital. Ps spoiler Phil gets a liver but they then find out it belonged to late great man united legend George Best

Paddys wife was surprising him but she could have got the surprise when she landed in and he had another woman in the hotel rooom

Fair Shity
The doctor must have a very good bedside manner! They say dodos are depressing but I find fair play very funny, well the acting is funning to me anyways!

That's is for this week now if any feels I'm leaving out their favorite tv show! Contact me and include it in the coming weeks! ...tadhg griffin : 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Update 22nd January

Welcome to another edition of tadhg tv with me Tiger! It's going to be a good week for tTV so here we go !

Saturday on Channel 4 at 9 - Oblivion
Sci Fi starring Tom Cruise .
To be honest ,i went to see this in the cinema and i slept through the whole thing ,but the lads reckon it was good .

Sunday on E at 6
Total Divas
The female wrestlers are back and they are definitely divas .

Monday on Network 2 at 8
I Zombie
Yet another Comic book based TV show about a girl who is a zombie . I think they are filling the Late Late Show audience with zombies .I mean no human would sit through it .

The X Files
One of the greatest shows of the 90s returned to our screens .Was it a good to bring it back ! . The truth is out there .

Wednesday on Sky Atlantic 10 
100 Code
Show about 2 Cops trying to catch a serial killer .It's like the following - Are you Following ! .

Thursday at 8.30
Agent Carter
It's time to say Welcome Back Carter for a second season. It's a great show and worth a watch for Comic Book fans,and what a year it is going to be for Comic Book fans .

Friday on BBC 1 at 10.35
Bad Language
The brilliant Paddy Keilty is your host in this new panel show from Northern Ireland . Hopefully people will not be using bad language when describing the show
Phil Mitchell was too drunk that he called his 3 exes . Charlie's now that's a lot of beer. Stacey is the only person under the age of 60 who is mad for going to Church ,and she was smashing more glass than Stone Cold Steve Austin did back in the day .  Kat has a son living in Ireland in a town called Red Water . Kat would fit into any Irish village with her mini skirts and leopard print .

Coronation Street
Lucky the Burgular's didn't light a match , Carla would have went up in flames considering the amount of alcohol she drank recently .

Fair City
Heather is making her Daughter sick in order to see the Dishy Doctor .Well it is obviously fiction as in reality she would be doing it not at 40 euro per GP visit

That's it for this week

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Update 16th January

Welcome to tadhg TV

Saturday - BBC1 6:50.
The Getaway
The new quiz show presented by Dermot O'Leary (Who made a quick Getaway from the sinking ship that is the X Factor) !

Sunday- Sky sSports 1 2pm.
Man United vs Liverpool
Its the big one. The only result united supporters will get is to get Van Gael out.

Monday - UTV 9pm
The show which features "Fun In The Sun" is back' , featuring one of my heroes Johnny Vegas

Tuesday - TV3 9pm
Celebrity BB .
So after all it was confirmed David Guest was not dead. but his credibility is .

Wednesday - RTE 1 9:35
The Campaign .
Great comedy starring Will Ferrell  as a Politician , who will stop at nothing to be elected .So a work of total fiction of course .

Thursday - RTE 10:35. 
Dr. Foster
Great BBC drama about a Doctor who is happily married, until she finds out her husband has a dark secret

Friday - Sky 1, 9pm.
Lucky Man
This is a major coup for sky it's produced and created by comic book legend Stan Lee! It's set in London and stars Belfast boy Jimmy Nesbitt who is a lucky man to get such a massive role!

Phil finally tells Sharon he has damaged his liver while drinking a bottle of whiskey Great acting by Stacey this week  Kush think he is the kids father .Well no point in asking Stacey, she probably don't even know her own name at this stage .

Fair City
Heather invited the Doctor over to dinner this week I'm surprised he didn't give her an invoice.

That's it for this week Tiger ... enjoy

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Update 3rd January

Happy new year all and thanks for reading the blog.

Sunday rte 1 6:30.
The voice of Ireland.
Yes it's back but I think if you watch it carefully you will spot a local lad WALKING on to the stage!

Monday Channel 4 9pm.
The undateables. This feel good show is back featuring people with challenging conditions attempt to find love this show including a student with Aspergers! Spoiler it's unusually ends happy ever after!!

Tuesday Tv3 9pm.
Celebrity big brother. The den of inequity opens it's door again for so called celebrity attempting to restart there career rumour has it Danielle Westbrook will be on it well I hope she doesn't put coke on the shopping list.

Wednesday. Rte1 9:30.
Argo. Class movie about a CIA agent getting 6 Americans out of Iran! 

Thursday Sky 1 9pm
A league of there own.
James Corden and the gang are back with another season of the greats comedy sports quiz!

Friday. Channel 5 10pm.
Lip sync battle uk. The show where contestants lip sync songs and battle is it and Mel B Of spice girls fame is on the show but at least she is not really singing!


The prize for silliest storyline of the year has to be that someone is prepared to have an affair with Big Zak Dingle!

Coronation Street.
Ya know the awkward moment when ya find out your uncle is actually Your father! Also Tracy is getting phone calls from rob from a prison cell and explanation on how he charges the phone or tops it up!

Phil Mitchell was full of Christmas spirits last week! I didn't know if Denny was unconscious if he hasn't say a line in over a year! Also Shirley tried to drawn Dean in the bath! He should have copped it straight away as he is old enough to have a bath on his own!

That's it for this week.
Enjoy your week Tiger ...