Saturday, April 25, 2015

Update 25th April

Saturday 25/04/2015
Ninja Warrior  UK 7pm  UTV
This is proper Saturday night tv - a very tough obstacle  course apply fse and lots of falling a must for next session.

Sunday 26/04/2015
The Voice of Ireland  6.30  RTE1
All  good in  things must come to an end'  and all bad things as well when it comes to  this anyways.

Monday 27/04/2015
Game of Thrones  Sky Atlantic 9pm
Well its back alright. Someone lost the head last week literally lol. People complain there is too much nudity in this show well I strongly believe there is not half enough.

Tuesday 28/04/2015
Empire  E4 9pm
An American drama television series that centers around a hip hop music and entertainment company. I will be one of the big guns and watch all the guest stars as well.

Wednesday 28/04/2015
Newszoids UTV  pm
This is an updated version of Spitting Image  with puppets of everyone. Now bearing in mind Spitting Image finished in the early 90s the only thing I can remember about it was I was't allow to watch it.

Thursday 29/04/2015
The Big Bang Theory  E4 8.30pm
Hands down one of the funniest tv shows and the only show where the girlfriends are as funny as the main cast

Friday 30/04/2015
best show on TV. Weekly wacky review  of the UK's news and entertainment


Dot's funeral speech was moving. and well saying that it made me move tond keeps it on.

Coronation Street
Gail is going down the aisle again for the 100th time. I hope she gets a veil covering her face and keeps it on.

Fair City
"If ya have nothing nice to say say nothing at all" especially when it comes to acting  in Fair Shity

Thats it for this week happy viewing...

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