Saturday, July 25, 2015

Update 25th July

The Sunday game network 2 1.30
There is lovely hurling this weekend with the quarter finals on live!

Tour de France Eurosport 6.30.
It's time to get on your bike for the last time this year with the final stage for 2015

The 3 day nanny channel 4 9pm
A childminder comes to the aid of distressed families. Well going on the title the children's will probably return to normal on the 5th day!

Roy. 5pm network 2
This is an Irish kids program about a cartoon character living with a real family and Paul Young's cartoon saloon. I'm involved in it too!

Americas got talent. Tv3. 9pm.
American version of the talent show and it's very well done and similar to the British one!

Ripper street. Bbc 1 9pm 
I'm delighted to see this which is set in Victorian London but filmed in Dublin is back on our screens for a 3rd season!


Coronation Street!
I wouldn't want to be Simon Barlow's teacher when they read his essay called "My summer holidays" also I know it's boring for kids at home during the summer holidays but I think he went a bit overboard this week!

This week Ben Mitchell was called in for questioning re the death of Lucy Beale which to be fair the storyline has been done to death at this stage! Also they say Ben is deaf but the fact Phil speaks at a volume level only dogs can here doesn't help the situation!!!!

That's all for this week folks

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