Saturday, December 5, 2015

Upate 5th December

Saturday rte 1 21.59.
People of the year award.
This annual show which showcases Irish people who went that extra mile you will notice there are no politicians recognised.

Sunday TCM 9pm.
The hangover Well in this classic comedy 4 friends decide to go on the epic stag to Vegas with epic consequences involving a Tiger and Mike Tyson

Monday network 2
Tested on humans Well this is new Irish tv show featuring 2fm breakfast presenter Keith Walsh I hope it's a success otherwise he might have to be tested on to earn a few euro!

Tuesday 8pm UTV Ireland.
Royal Variety Performance.
This show features performances from the best of British entertainment and of course the winner of Britain's Got Talent if you can remember who won it this year!

Christmas movies channel 7pm
Jingle all the way.
Here's Arnie at his comedy best as an under pressure parent trying to get his son the biggest toy of the year!

Thursday BBC 1 9pm.
BBC Music awards.
This annual look at the biggest songs of the year is presented by Chris Evans and Ferne Cotton. Chris evens is good fun anyways

Friday RTE. 2 8pm.
Brooklyn 911.
This appealing US sitcom is back for a 3rd season! It's very funny and it's not in your face!!!! 

Eastenders. Here's a good one - how do ya know Phil Mitchell is drunk? answer he smiles and starts been nice to everyone! Sharon was told she can pack her bags but the bottle of booze he had in his hand is staying which means he must not have much time for Sharon as there was only a mouthful left in the bottle!

That's in for this week be safe during the storm my advice stay in and make a hot whiskey for yourself!


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