Saturday, August 6, 2016

Update 5th August

Sky1  8pm, The Last Ship
This show is produced by Michael Bay of transformers it may be called last ship but it's certainly full steam ahead for this brilliant show

Channel 4  10 pm, Naked attraction
In this new dating show a girl gets to see the suitors naked and they arer revealed a bit  of the time the man the girls finds the most  outstanding wins  magnifying glasses provided

Sky premiere  8pm, The man from U.n.c.l.e
We all remember the classic 60s tv show. I think the film is a H.I.T

Itv 9pm, Long Lost family
Great show but it's full  of emotion I watched it last week and the last time I was that upset was when I heard they  were  cancelling the gala festival here in Boyle

RTE 1 10:15, The People vs Oj Simpson
I know I talk about this a lot but it's a great show! You will have to watch it to see if he gets away with it

Tv3 9pm, Celebrity BB
It's stated and against my better judgement I watched it and it's very  funny remember the real  winner is the phone company


Everyone though moira was the one on drugs this week  she did  marry Cain after all Zak Dingle is getting married hope he has a shave. Belle is talking to an imaginary friend well it's probably talking more sense than Sam

Sharon saw a face from the past I though it was going to be miss piggy. How do ya know aunt babes lying she opens her mouth. Whitney and lLee didn't least but people are usually happy for the same about of time it takes Patrick Truman to finish a glass rum  in Watford

Coronation street
Come on Eileen your son is a wrong in. I've a pfeeling things are going to get worse for her too,!

That's it's for this week

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