Monday, April 10, 2017

Update 8th April

Welcome to Tadhg TV

Rte  1 9:15
All round to Mrs Browns
I know i spoke about this show before but it's the funniest show I've seen in years. Last weeks episode was  just too much. Laughs for all the family!

Sligo showground 3pm
Boyle Celtic vs Evergreen
Everyone should go to this! It's a massive achievement and I'm very proud of the club! Even if you were never at a soccer match before take part in the massive occasion for the town and don't forget to buy the CD. You can get it  in pubs and shops including Matz Barbers. A place I have no business going into since the late 90s!

Fox UK 9pm
Prison Break
This show is back after a long time with all original cast members! The last time I saw a new episode of this show I had hair.

BBC 1 9pm
Car Share
This hidden gem of a comedy staring the brilliant Peter Kay is back it's a very basic idea about 2 People commuting to work everyday but it works very well!

Rte 1 9:35
The Cutting Edge
This is  the best show on rte at the moment but to be fair it doesn't have much compitation!

Itv 5pm
The Chase
My favourite quiz show at the moment hosted by Bradley Walsh and featuring the chasers including the beast!

St Joseph's  church 3pm
Good Friday
This is always Very well done and I'm sure the pupils of Abbey College will be involved and acting out the gospel.
They are better then the actors in Fair cCty anyways


Well now the good news is Michelle survived the car crash and the bad news is she is staying in the soap for the foreseeable.
Kush's mum  has gone AWOL but so would I if I found out my son was involved with Denise!

Coronation Street
They were looking for Denise who is Daniel Barlow's mother this week!
I think  I know where she is. She was married to Zak Dingle in Emmerdale last year!

Fair City
Paul asked Niamh to get Information about Marcus and work undercover
She obviously misheard him and worked under the covers

That's it for this week!
Enjoy the weekend

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