Sunday, September 23, 2018

Update 23rd September

Welcome to tadhg TV hope you enjoy my tv highlights and lowlights for the week

ITV 2.30
Wos wrestling
Well now ya know me and my wrestling but this is ITV wresting with all British wrestlers which I think is a brilliant way of increasing the profile of uk wrestling companies.
Some readers might remember watchingITV wrestling on a Saturday afternoon in the 70s/80s well hopefully this will be return to the glory days of British wrestling

BBC 1 9pm
The Bodyguard
Well this is simply the best show on TV in years
More twists and turns then the road from Boyle to Roscommon town
It's the finale but its a brilliant 75 minutes in length

BBC 1 9pm
Reported missing
Another brilliant BBC show showing a police search for a real live missing person shown in real time 

Channel 4 8pm
Great British bake off
It's great to see this brilliantly entertaining show back with new contestant and challenges but the same jokes and comments we all know and love for example a contestant was caramelising his nuts a few weeks ago.

BBC 2 9pm
Great show with great cast about the suspected kidnapping of John Paul Getty 
But all is not what meets the eye well put it this way its going to be on for 10 episodes so nothing will be as it seems

SKY 1 9pm
League of their own
The boys are back in town with the fun packed sports quiz hosted by the man himself James Corden

BBC 1 10.35
Graham Norton
Well its great to see Graham back on the TV I'm sure he will have a star studded line up and plenty of craic and of course someone.falling off the big red chair


Fair City
Well it was a busy week In Fair City the knives were out and unfortunately Karrie Ann got stabbed
Robbie got locked in a freezer and he came out looking like Mr Freeze from Batman
Finally Bob and Rennie are getting ready for there wedding now bear in mind when Bob got married on Brookside he ended up been buried under the patio 

The question of who shot Stuart is hard answered I mean I would nearly shoot him myself at this stage
Sharon and Keanau  are having an affair well it's enough for Phil Mitchell to hit the bottle not that he needs much of a. Excuse
Finally Kush gave out to Carmel for befriending her sons killer's mother Kush said why don't you give her the shirt off your back well more fool him because Carmel was wearing a dress not a shirt

Coronation Street
Jim McDonald is back and in fine form swindling his ex-wife. He's a great character so he is, so he is, so he is.
Now Sally was send to jail but it could be worse she could be still married to Kevin Webster
Finally Lewis is a great character but his girlfriends daughter was not impressed to see him. He should have been prepared - I mean there were strong Gail warnings on Wednesday

Now that's it for this week
Remember drink local and shop local
All the best

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