Friday, March 13, 2020

Update 13th March

Here is my weekly TV highlights because I think people will be watching more TV than normal in the coming days /weeks/months

Tv3/ virgin one 7pm 
Ant and Dec Saturday night takeaway
My favorite cheeky chappies are back  my sure about the live audience and fluer East  running around the UK but it will definitely be a good laugh and the way things are gone laugher is very important.

BBC 1 9pm
Last Tango in Halifax 
The drama with an all-star cast is top-notch stuff. 
It's just class. Unfortunately, this is the final Last Tango in Halifax.

This Country 
This is one of my favorite new comedies 
It's a spoof documentary about 2 people in their 20s living in the Cotswolds in the UK 
It's great stuff

Channel 4 pm
The Great Celebrity Bake-off
What's better than the bake-off a celebrity version of it and I mean proper celebs who we all know and love. Hopefully, there will be no soggy bottoms.

Gold 10pm
Gavin and Stacey 
A modern classic 
This is season 2 episode one so the newlyweds are back from honeymoon but what are they coming back to?

Film 4 9pm
This is the last movie starring Hugh Jackman as a wolverine. it's a great comic book movie with lots of action Jackman definitely got the claws out anyways.

Sky one 8.30
Modern Family 
Another great US comedy with a fantastic class and great scripts now unfortunately, this is the final season but they are going out with a bang.

Fair City
Wayne doesn't want junior to go back to school, because he was worried the child would have more sense then he does. 
I notice Paul Brennan missing in action this week 
It must because he is usually in a lision with a lady and with the corona virus he is curtailed.

That's it for this week

Stay safe take care 

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