Saturday, January 17, 2015

Million Euro Challenge : The Voice of Ireland : Family Guy : Extant 9 : The Restaurant : Operation Transformation : The Musketeers

TV fans here are my TV highlights for week starting the 17/01 

Saturday 17/01 

Million Euro Challenge  8.20 RTE 1
This  is the all shiny and improved (well in RTE eyes anyway) new Saturday night Lotto show hosted by RTE with great white hope Nicky Byrne. The aim of the game is get to the final for a chance to win the €million but its very obvious to me that the aim is to give away as little money as possible!!

Sunday 18/01

The Voice of Ireland 18.30 RTE 1
Its not a bad show. The blind  auditions are when the judges can't see the acts and its based solely on the voice. Looking some of the acts getting through the stage, it should be renamed "The blind and slightly deaf auditions."

Monday  19/01

Family Guy  11pm 3e
All new family guy which follows the misadventures of Peter Griffin (no relation) and his family and friends 

Tuesday 20/01

Extant 9  Sci-Fi 
An astronaut comes home after a year in space ... oh and Halle Berry is the star!! 

Wednesday 21/01

The Restaurant  9  TV3
This is where a celebrity cooks a meal and is judged. You wont see me on it owing to the fact I burn water :-) 

Thursday 22/01 8.30pm RTE 1

Operation Transformation 
I am very impressed with the contestants - they are all giving it 100%. I reckon it would take Harry Potter to transform me at this stage....

Friday 23/01  The Musketeers 9pm BBC 1

It provides a contemporary take on the classic story and of course it works very well.


Fair City

So this week Pete's son returned and remember the son was assume dead. Pete's reply "howya!" says it all really.


Well things are reaching a climax in the who killed Lucy storyline. Apparently there were not many characters returning during the anniversary. They are going to have to rename it "east and west enders"

Coronation Street  

So Micheal played by the legend that is Mr Les Dennis had a heart attack but to be fair I would have a heart attack if I just agreed to marry Gail Plat 

Red Rock

Well this is TV3's new soap and there is a mother figure on it that makes Carol Meehan from Fair City looks like mother Teresa.
Finally a big congratulations to Boyle native Paul Young on his Oscar Nomination. 

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