Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tadhg TV highlights for week starting 24/01/2015

Saturday 23rd January 2015 

The Voice UK - BBC 1   7.00 pm 
It's like the Voice of Ireland but the judges are credible.


Mr. Selfridge - UTV 9 PM 
Drama based on how  one of London's top department store began.


Gotham - RTE 2 9pm 
Now this is the highlight of the week. So a young boy's parents are shot and Detective Gordon  is  determined  to catch the killer. The only thing is the kid grows up to be Batman add into the mix a young Cat Woman, a young riddler, a young poison ivy and the scene stealing young penguin and you have one of the best shows on TV.


Mike and Molly - Comedy Central 9.30
One of the biggest comedys on TV the star of the show is Melissa McCarthy 


Wolf Hall -  BBC 2  9.00 
Its about about the court of Henry the V111 and its well done  with a good cast


Brooklyn Nine Nine - E4  9pm
This is a comedy based on the misadventures of the NYPD  and its good fun staring Andy Samberg  and Terry Crews 


The Last Leg - Channel 4  10 pm
This is the best comedy panel show on tv and it is live 
Friday and Nick Clegg  is  going to be on it and these boys are well able for him.

Now you might have noticed that  I have avoided a certain show on RTE on a Friday because to be honest I have nothing to say about it. I am always washing what's left of my hair when it is on. :-)



...or should I say the Carter Family Show 
Great acting in the east end this week - they are priming up for the big live week next week.

Coronation Street

This was the week of the big bus crash and I was not the one who drove out in front of it despite the rumours. 

Fair City

So  Mondo  sent back  Kerry Ann's engagement ring he brought back from the Pawn Shop.  I recommend Kerry Ann pawn the ring and get  some elocution lessons for herself.

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