Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tadhg TV highlights from 07/02

Saturday  07/02 

RBS 6 nations 14.30
Ireland take on  Italy. I'm sure you all be cheering on the boys in greens  and answering Ireland's call...p

Sunday 08/02

Top Gear
bbc2 8.00
the boys are surely back in town and just to confirm I am definitely not the stig

Monday 09/02

The walking dead
9.00 fox
Yes indeed the zombies with the personality of a certain presenter on RTE who presents a show on a Friday  night and that rte show will never be mentioned on this page ever again.

Tuesday 10/02

The Flash
sky one 8.00
Another show back from a break. Its a show based on a comic book but its very well done and the effects are unreal as well. the show is certainly not a flash in the pan.

Wednesday 11/02

Peoples debate with Vincent Browne
10pm tv3
Now this wound be a good show if the guests manage get a word in with Mr Browne

Thursday  12/02 

sky one 8 pm
This show is great as well its also a show based on a DC comic book. Great story lines and great casting.

Friday 13/02

The Graham Norton Show
bbc 1 10.35
after a long week at work . you want a good laugh and great guests . well you certainly cannot go  far wrong with Graham who came such a long way from the first time he burst onto our screens in FR Ted



Well its full of drama this week with Stan Carter trying to give him poison  and I dont mean the brekkie from the cafe so Mick won't give it to him perhaps because  he wanted  to  give it to Dean


Well weddings never go smoothly but  this time they got married but the groom killed someone minutes beforehand !!

Fair City

Well its so bad its good

Coronation street

Les Dennis is having an operation hopefully its a brain transplant ahead of Gail Platt who's mother is a hairdresser but yet she had hair like ET

That's its from me for this week - all the very best and happy viewing

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