Sunday, February 22, 2015

Update 21st February

Saturday 21/02/2015

Ant and Dec Saturday night Takeaway  7pm UTV
its back the most entertaining show on TV think Noel's house party minus Mr Blooby

Sunday 22/02/2014

WWE Fastlane 1am SKY 1
Now just to confirm my favorite sport is actually WWE which is of course world wrestling entertainment
so its is usually that its live on sky 1 as oppose to sky sports 1  featuring john Cena 'the big show' Kane and Daniel Bryan  to name just several.

Monday 23/02/2015

Broadchurch 10pm tv3
well this is the last episode of the current series and it will explain all  and tie up any loose ends.

Tuesday 24/02/2015

The Originals 10pm Sci Fi
Its a funny name for a show that is actually a spin off well its better that the orginal show so I reckon its the orginal and the best.

Wednesday  25/02/2015

The Brit Awards 2015
Its the British music night of the year with awards live performances and presented by ant and Dec.

Thursday 26/02/2015

Don't tell the bride 9pm Network 2
Well this is a TV show where the groom organized the whole wedding and is given a budget.
It should be called dont tell bride he made an absolute mess of it.

Friday 27/02/2015

Bear Grylls Mission Survive Tv3 9pm
So in this show Bear brings so called celebrity's to Costa Rica
Its more "I'm a non-entity" than "I'm a celebrity"



Well it was a live week and 2 people died. so it was little Bobby Beale that killed Lucy. Hang on did the Simpsons not do this much better when Maggie shot Mr Burns!!

Coronation  Street 

Another middling week for Corrie highlights including Owen's ex wife arriving at his doorstep after 20 years what I don't understand is how did she marry Owen in the first place. The actor who plays Owen is not great to be fair and to be honest he is cruel bad.

Fair City

well Junior is deaf apparently now to be fair if I have to listen to Wayne all day I would probably be deaf as well.

Well  that's is for this week ... Enjoy your week as always 

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