Saturday, May 2, 2015

Update 2nd May

Welcome to the bank holiday weekend ...

Saturday 02/05
Dredd channel 4 10 PM 
This of course is the film based on the iconic 200 AD comic strip Judge Dredd  which of course is completely different to the feeling of dread ya get when you hear "and coming up next on RTE the late late show"

Sunday  03/05
who do you think you are   rte 1  9.30pm 
this is  good  episode of the tv which sees Mrs Brown himself track his family history in Dublin. he sure is the local lad done good.

Monday 04/05
Game of thrones sky Atlantic 9PM
The awkward moment when you at a wedding and either the groom is  poisoned or  all the family is killed off after the reception. its a great show with great storylines , great actors and great looking actresses 

Tuesday 05/05
Penny Dreadful  sky Atlantic  10,00 PM 
For a show with dreadful in the title its really good. its filmed in Dublin and had a great cast. 

Wednesday 06/05
Car Share bbc 1 9.30pm 
Peter Kay is back and on top form with this new sitcom. each episode  is basically 2 people commuting to work but the script is class. its very hard to beat a proper good BBC sitcom that are far superior than any of the US stuff 

Thursday 07/05
Shark  bbc 1 8,55 pm
Wildlife show about sharks. I never understood why Jaws got so many of his victims in the films.  I mean did they not hear the music when he was approaching like we all did.

Friday 08/05
Fawlty Towers 6.50 PM
One of my favorite  Sitcoms of all time. An all time classic with  something for everyone.


This week saw Stacey giving Kat slater relationship advice now bearing in mind that's the same Stacey who slept with her Father-in-law the morning of her wedding. 

Coronation Street 
Nick has to choose between Erika  and Carla now that's Carla the former alcoholic who now has a drink in nearly every scene she is in unknown to everyone possibly  even the script writers

Fair City
So Bob Charles's nephew has arrived and in soaps fashion it ends up he is actually his son. Now i must admit Bob is my favorite character in  the show  because he is played by  the only credible actor in it!!


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