Monday, August 3, 2015

Update for 1st August

Welcome to tadhg tv it's cheaper then the rte guide and way more crack!

Saturday 01/08.
Transformers : dark of the moon tv3 9pm Class movie class effects they certainly transformed from the toys we all owned in the 80s!

Sunday 02/08.
Experimental Channel 4 9pm.
A show where the presenters attempt to recreate viral YouTube videos to see if the video stunts can actually be done

Monday 03/08.
UFC 190 3e 9pm 
Ronda Rousey is in action defending her woman's bantamweight title in Brazil! She is certainly a knockout!

Tuesday 04/08
New tricks bbc1 9pm
A welcome return for this cop show with a difference staring Rodney from only fools and horses and the legendary Dennis Waterman who stars in it  writes the theme tunes and sings the theme tune!

Wednesday 05/08.
Great British bake off bbc1. 8pm.
No soggy bottoms, big doughnuts and good cream horns is what you need to win this reality tv show oh and ya have to be a good baker as well :)

Thursday 06/08.
Safeword. Itv2 10 pm
Panel show where 2 comedies are joined by a celebrity and they slag off another celebrity who is also joined by 2 comics but the celebrity can stop the barrage of insults anytime by saying the safeword I know someone with a whistle who would be very good on this show!!!!!

Friday 07/08.
Would I lie to you bbc 1 8.30 pm
Panel show where contestant read statements and the other team has to identify if it's true or not! I know a few TDs who would be good at this show too!!!


Coronation Street:
Young Bethany Platt offered herself to bad boy Callum this week just a pity it wasn't a burned offering! Eastenders I though I was watching The Bill this week when I put on Eastenders there were more arrests this week in Eastenders then there is on an average episode of CSI

Fair City: 
There is a new character in Fair City from Zambia of all places and his English and accent is actually better then a lot of the other characters to be fair!

Hope you all have a great weekend and make the most of the bank holiday weekend! 

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