Sunday, November 29, 2015

Update 29th November

Greeting and welcome to tadhg tv

Saturday Itv 8pm.
The X factor
Well it's the live show but now the BBC have lost its voice the show will be alive for much longer!

Sunday Itv 9pm.
I'm a celebrity get me out of here
I will tell ya this much the 'C' in lady C definitely is not for classy! I reckon some of the contestants could do with another few weeks out there!

Monday. Rte 2 9pm.
Operation Transportation
Comic Fred Cooke from the Spar ads is learning to drive he can't be as bad as me anyways!

Tuesday channel 4 9pm.
The Murder Detectives
A drama based on real events it's over 3 nights and certainly it worth a look!

Wednesday. Netflicks
Jessica Jones
The latest Marvel TV show looks promising with David Tannett playing the villain! it's better then Bridget Jones anyways!

Thursday Sky living 9pm.
I was trying to think why is the American spin on Sherlock so popular but then I thought it's simple in fact it's elementary!

Friday BBC 1 9:30.
Car Share
Here is a welcome repeat of the great comedy staring Peter Kay who can do no wrong at the moment!


Eastenders: Well looks like I am doing better with doing a better November then Phil Mitchell! There is a storyline involving Ronnie and roxy Mitchell but to be honest I can't tell them apart!

Coronation Street: I was watching The Omen but turns out I was watching Simon the Pycho Barlow. - Also Mary boyfriend Brendan has a confession I thick it must be that he is blind.

That's it for the week

ps/ I gave the Late Late a by this week because it was the show of all shows the toy show presented by the long string of misery himself that is (ur) Ryan Tubbers

pps/ .... ??

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