Friday, January 22, 2016

Update 22nd January

Welcome to another edition of tadhg tv with me Tiger! It's going to be a good week for tTV so here we go !

Saturday on Channel 4 at 9 - Oblivion
Sci Fi starring Tom Cruise .
To be honest ,i went to see this in the cinema and i slept through the whole thing ,but the lads reckon it was good .

Sunday on E at 6
Total Divas
The female wrestlers are back and they are definitely divas .

Monday on Network 2 at 8
I Zombie
Yet another Comic book based TV show about a girl who is a zombie . I think they are filling the Late Late Show audience with zombies .I mean no human would sit through it .

The X Files
One of the greatest shows of the 90s returned to our screens .Was it a good to bring it back ! . The truth is out there .

Wednesday on Sky Atlantic 10 
100 Code
Show about 2 Cops trying to catch a serial killer .It's like the following - Are you Following ! .

Thursday at 8.30
Agent Carter
It's time to say Welcome Back Carter for a second season. It's a great show and worth a watch for Comic Book fans,and what a year it is going to be for Comic Book fans .

Friday on BBC 1 at 10.35
Bad Language
The brilliant Paddy Keilty is your host in this new panel show from Northern Ireland . Hopefully people will not be using bad language when describing the show
Phil Mitchell was too drunk that he called his 3 exes . Charlie's now that's a lot of beer. Stacey is the only person under the age of 60 who is mad for going to Church ,and she was smashing more glass than Stone Cold Steve Austin did back in the day .  Kat has a son living in Ireland in a town called Red Water . Kat would fit into any Irish village with her mini skirts and leopard print .

Coronation Street
Lucky the Burgular's didn't light a match , Carla would have went up in flames considering the amount of alcohol she drank recently .

Fair City
Heather is making her Daughter sick in order to see the Dishy Doctor .Well it is obviously fiction as in reality she would be doing it not at 40 euro per GP visit

That's it for this week

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