Sunday, January 3, 2016

Update 3rd January

Happy new year all and thanks for reading the blog.

Sunday rte 1 6:30.
The voice of Ireland.
Yes it's back but I think if you watch it carefully you will spot a local lad WALKING on to the stage!

Monday Channel 4 9pm.
The undateables. This feel good show is back featuring people with challenging conditions attempt to find love this show including a student with Aspergers! Spoiler it's unusually ends happy ever after!!

Tuesday Tv3 9pm.
Celebrity big brother. The den of inequity opens it's door again for so called celebrity attempting to restart there career rumour has it Danielle Westbrook will be on it well I hope she doesn't put coke on the shopping list.

Wednesday. Rte1 9:30.
Argo. Class movie about a CIA agent getting 6 Americans out of Iran! 

Thursday Sky 1 9pm
A league of there own.
James Corden and the gang are back with another season of the greats comedy sports quiz!

Friday. Channel 5 10pm.
Lip sync battle uk. The show where contestants lip sync songs and battle is it and Mel B Of spice girls fame is on the show but at least she is not really singing!


The prize for silliest storyline of the year has to be that someone is prepared to have an affair with Big Zak Dingle!

Coronation Street.
Ya know the awkward moment when ya find out your uncle is actually Your father! Also Tracy is getting phone calls from rob from a prison cell and explanation on how he charges the phone or tops it up!

Phil Mitchell was full of Christmas spirits last week! I didn't know if Denny was unconscious if he hasn't say a line in over a year! Also Shirley tried to drawn Dean in the bath! He should have copped it straight away as he is old enough to have a bath on his own!

That's it for this week.
Enjoy your week Tiger ...

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