Friday, March 11, 2016

Update 11th March

Welcome to tadhg tv the place to be

Channel 4 12:20. Kickass.
Brilliant comic book movie Some might say it's Kicksass!

rte1 9:35 Brendan O Carroll This is a show in which Brendan talked about the roles his uncles played in 1916 that's nice!

family guy itv2 9pm
My favourite cartoon following the griffin family( no relation) is back on a new station and with new episodes

The Flash sky 1 8pm.
Yet another great comic book tv show it's no flash in the pan!

RTE1 9:35 Michael Collins 
Historic movie where Liam Neeson Played a man with a Specific set of skills!

the Lurg 8pm. Man United vs Liverpool
Enjoy the parade in Boyle and them cheer on united! Bbc 1 7pm.

Sports Relief A
Night of sport and comedy what more would ya want!

Soapy Bits

Eastenders. It's all happening this week between people falling down stairs and recovering from it straight away! The last time I saw someone watch away from such a great fall was mankind vs the undertaker in a hell in a cell match in the wwf!

Coronation street.
Bethany is been bullied in school well she does look like she's in her 20s and still in secondary school! Sarah lou's finger is a bit funny but you have to remember her mother has a haircut like ET! Enjoy Paddys Day and remember it's important to support the parade and join the the crack on the day!

That's it from me

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