Saturday, March 19, 2016

Update 19th March

Welcome to tadhg tv the place to be!

Saturday Network 2
2:30 Ireland vs Scotland.
We will all be standing shoulder to shoulder watching the last 6 nations game of the season!

Sunday. Gold 7:10
The Tommy Cooper Hour.
A welcome repeat for the king of comedy with such one liners as I went to a travel agents and saw a poster for the Canaries. I told the assistant I wanted to go there and she pinned me to the wall.

Monday sky 1 8:30
Modern Family.
This brilliant sitcom is back with the truly modern family What I like about is it everyone has equal billing even the kids get to deliver some great gags!

Tuesday sky living 9pm
I was surprised how good this show was you might say it hit a blindspot

Wednesday rte 1 9:35
The hangover part 3
Well the wolf pack are back with this great swan song for the trilogy

Thursday e4 8:30
The Big Bang theory
his geeky comedy is back and hopefully back on top form as well it's good but not as good as it used to be but still very watchable

Friday  8pm Carrick Cineplex
Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice
It's going to be a Good Friday - 'the wait is finally over for this epic monster of a super hero movie' who will win' the caped crusader or the man of Steel but the real winner is the production company who makes massive bulks on this cash cow of a movie! They would be bats man not to make another one!

No matter how bad a day I had I can always be rest assured that the residents of Albert square have been a hell a lot worst! Lewis Hamilton must have been driving the ambulance bringing little Ollie to the hospital How do ya know Phil Mitchell is drunk! He pays people compliments!

That's it for the week!
All the best tiger 

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