Saturday, April 2, 2016

Update 2nd April

Welcome to another edition of tadhg tv

Saturday BBC1 - 6:10
Can't touch this
New Saturday night Show from the BBC. I hope it wouldn't be renamed 'Can't watch this'

Sunday box office - midnight
Yes it's the highlight in the wrestling year.  At least there wouldn't be rumours of match fixing because all the matches will be fixed!

Monday RTE 2 - 9pm
Yes the men with the long horns are back again and it's all filmed in Ireland as you know! 

Tuesday Universal - 9pm
Bates motel
Young Norman Bates is back and he got worse ...  in fact some might say he is a phycho. 

Wednesday BBC2 - 10pm
Mock the week
This satirical show is back it's not the same without Frankie Boyle but everyone knows with Boyle it's better!

Thursday Sky - 9pm
Colony New sci fi show which looks good on paper anyways

Friday BBC1 - 9pm
Bloomers the old comics are back think last of the summer wine but a little more lively which isn't saying much really!


Don't know which is worse Linda Carter's singing or the Abi Branning storyline with mental Ben! Phil Mitchell is the best drunk on TV since Father Jack in father Ted!

Home and Away
How did a certain Summer Bay resident find out who killed his mother? Answer. Hunter! 

That's it for this week enjoy your week

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