Friday, April 22, 2016

Update 23rd April

Happy Days and Welcome to the wonderful world of Tadhg TV.

Saturday BBC1 4:50
FA Cup Semi Finals.
My beloved Man United are playing an under pressure. Everton plus fans of Doctor Who would want to watch the match as during the half time show there will be an announcement about Doctor Who companion!

Sunday Dave 11pm
Park and Recreation
This is a hidden gem of a comedy about a council office in a small town in America it features one of the funniest characters I ever seen in a comedy Mr Ron Swanson

Monday Sky Atlantic 9pm
Game Of Thrones.
It's back the biggest and best show on the box it's an epic hybrid of Lord of the Rings and the sSopranos.

Tuesday. e4. 9pm
Rush Hour
Yet another TV show based on a movie! Well the movie was very much I assume the TV show should be too!

Wednesday network 2 7pm
Champions League live.
Another great night in Europe for football fans It should be a good one

Thursday Network 2 9:30
First Dates Ireland
Irish version of the hit Channel 4 show I been what's more awkward then a first date! A first date seen by a couple of thousands people!

Friday BBC2 10pm
Two doors down!
A Scottish sitcom which is on a per with Rab C Nesbit! It's good ever If you have to put on the subtitles the odd time!

That's is for this week! Enjoy your weekend

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