Saturday, May 28, 2016

Update 28th May

Britain's  Got Talent final.  TV3 7:30
This is the big one and we will find out who will get the great title of  the next Susan Boyle if you can sit through all the breaks

Too Gear  BBC 2,  8pm
Well it's a welcome return for this classic  tv show with clearkson Hammond and May ohhh wait  tv motormouth Chris evens, and it's also time to say how you doing to Matt la Blanc!                               

Gossip Girls, Netflix
A show about a group of people who work for a  company  that spreads gossip about people ! I haven't seen the show but it reminds me a bit of the whistle blower!

Rovers, SKY 1, 10pm
Mini  reunion of the Royle family here with Craig Cash and Sue Johnson looks very promising           

Love Island, TV3, 9pm
Show where man and ladies are left on a island. I think after around 10 minutes of watching this I will be thinking it's a pity some of them can't stay out there!!!!

Robocop  9pm Film 4
I   know there is a massive increase in the amount of movies that are remakes, reboots, prequels and sequels but this one is  actually a very watchable effort!

Porridge, Gold 7pm
Nothing says Friday like a laugh and it doesn't get any better then the habitual criminal himself Norman  Stanley Fletcher!


Well It was a hard week for everyone.The happy couple were not happy for too long! Little Bobby Beade gave the police 2 murders for the price of one - value you wouldn't get in Kelly's Londis and Aunt Babe is there a more ample name for her because we all remember watching babe the movie       
Cornation Street
Well lucky Tyrone is a mechanic as he can fix the car! Plus Callum's body was found under Gail's bed I mean it could be worse ...  it could have been in it!

That's  it for this week ... all the very best
If anyone is offended by anything on the blog I encourage them to get a life.                                         Tiger

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