Saturday, May 7, 2016

Update 7th May

Saturday RTE 8:30pm
Winning streak.
Right now this is RTE flagship big money give away show which is fair enough! It needs a revamp and I definitely don't mean bringing in Nicky omnipresent Byrne! My big problem with this show is it's basically throwing money at people if they started asking questions and getting rid of people straight away like a proper quiz show it would be a lot more watchable!

Sunday BBC 1 8pm
The Baftas
Big awards ceremony hosted by the Everyone's favourite Graham Norton. There is a few irish nominations including Sharon Horgan who you might remember in Moone Boy where she played a lady who was interested in Martin Moone's dad which of course would never happen in reality!

Monday. 9pm.
Peter Kay's comedy shuffle
Now this is a comedy for all the family it's clips from all Kay's work! Each clip as funny as the next proving he is indeed an all rounder!

Tuesday 9pm
A league of their own Roadtrip!
Now imagine all the team captains from a league of there own in the states competing in various challenges and the loser has to perform with the Chippendales! (I'm not talking Rescue Rangers here either!)

Wednesday RTE 1 9:35.
Taken 2
Well Liam Neeson is back in the all actual sequel. to the hit film! It's very good now I really good they don't make a 4th movie because they have TAKEN the franchisee as far as it will go at this stage.

Thursday Sky 1 8pm
DC legends of tomorrow. (tigers big one)
I know I mentioned this show before on the blog but it's just too good to let it pass by! I am a comic book fan and a TV fan there is a lot of TV shows based on comics on at the moment but this one is different because this is about a group of heroes and villains who were throw together in order to stop a criminal mastermind so every episode they are in a different point in history or the future trying to stop this person! It's fun and it's family viewing!

Friday. Channel 4 10pm.
The Windsors
A comedy about the royals didn't interest me until I spotted that British comedy royalty Harry Enfield is in it it's written by the same team who wrote Star Stories so like me it's not for the easily offended !

That's it for this week and if anyone would like to comment about any TV show I would be delighted to include it in the blog ...

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